Solution for Gaming

Gamers have zero tolerance for lags and jitters, not to mention downtime—the worst nightmare ever. But even a small, stealthy DDoS attack, which easily goes undetected, can cause noticeable latency and drive the players away. That said, Nexusguard has a solution for gaming service hosting providers to prevent these from happening.


Growing Importance of Gaming Service Providers to CSPs

With the rise of eSports and digital entertainment, it is obvious that gaming services have become a key revenue source for CSPs. Protecting them from cyberattacks is a must.

Gamers’ Zero Tolerance for Lags

While latency is the most important parameter, other factors such as packet loss and delay variation (jitter) are also the criteria that gamers don’t compromise on.

Hyper competitive Gaming Industry

Owing to the gaming industry’s hypercompetitive nature, strong profitability and players’ zero-tolerance for downtime, game hosting servers are, unfortunately, very attractive to DDoS attackers.

Small Attacks Can Cause Crashes & Session Interruptions

Rather than firing off a large volume of junk traffic, attackers now prefer using stealthy techniques to cause network crashes and session interruptions frequently.

Multi-Tenant System for Gaming Platform Providers (MTS)

Designed for game hosting service platforms, this multitenant solution not only protects the core network from increasingly stealthy attacks, but also enables the service provider to extend DDoS protection services to its gaming tenants.


360 DDoS Mitigation

360 DDoS Mitigation employs rigorous,multi-layered scrubbing process to defend against DDoS attacks. The global cloud platform features Application Protection (AP), Web Application Firewall (WAF), Origin Protection (OP), InfraProtect and DNS Protection (DP), which are architected to defend public-facing websites, applications, APIs, infrastructure, backends and DNS servers against different types of DDoS attacks.