Solution for Enterprise

In the new digital era, connectivity has never been so vital to keep to the economy growing and businesses afloat. Maintaining 24x7 uptime and a seamless user experience is fundamental to the success of any organization with an online presence. Nexusguard is who enterprises can count on in protecting their network assets from attacks and abuses.


Fintech Susceptible to More Cyberattacks

As the finance industry continues to embrace fintech, online banking, trading and investing platforms have inevitably become targets for cybercriminals. DDoS attacks not only can incur significant costs but also cause irreparable damage to the organization’s reputation.

Regulatory Challenges

No matter where the jurisdiction is, there are many regulations and compliance requirements banks and financial institutions have to follow. Financial institutions are also required to adopt industry-compliant solutions to maintain network resilience and uptime.

Data Security

For financial institutions, keeping data secure is of utmost importance. Customer data is extremely sensitive, making it valuable and vulnerable to cyberattacks. Allowing customer data to be processed by third parties make many banking executives think twice


For financial institutions, keeping control of network security devices makes every sense. Surrendering the control to third parties could reduce your ability to be flexible and agile. Requiring an absolute control remains a reason for financial institutions to cling to hardware deployment tightly.

FinTech and Financial Institutes - Compliance and Security

We are PCI-certified (Level 1) to deliver cybersecurity solutions that involve the processing, storage and/or transmission of credit card and sensitive information. The ISO 27001 certification proves that we have the necessary best practices in place to help manage information security. Our hybrid solutions allow in-country traffic to be processed within the jurisdiction whereas global attacks are eliminated in the global cloud.


Origin Protection for Enterprise

Origin Protection (OP) is intended to protect large networks, such as those managing hundreds of Class C networks or even a Class B network, against L3/4 and L7 attacks,  assuring the continuity of mission-critical services they host.


360 DDoS Mitigation

360 DDoS Mitigation employs rigorous,multi-layered scrubbing process to defend against DDoS attacks. The global cloud platform featuresApplication Protection (AP), Web Application Firewall (WAF), Origin Protection (OP), InfraProtect and DNS Protection (DP), which are architected to defend public-facing websites, applications, APIs, infrastructure, backends and DNS servers against different types of DDoS attacks.