Solution for Carriers

The telco sector is undergoing a tectonic shift. These organizations are transforming from traditional models as carriers of data connectivity to become technology enablers. The capability of protecting their backbone and downstream networks from DDoS attacks is critical to their successful transformation. Nexusguard is here to help.


Generic Security Solutions Fail to Mitigate Complex Attacks

As DDoS attacks become increasingly sophisticated, the traditional way of detecting and mitigating DDoS attacks is way less effective than expected. The bad news is that attackers, from cybercriminals and rivals to hostile nation states, often use DDoS attacks as a smokescreen to perpetrate other hacking activities.

Frustration over Downtime Leads to Customer Loss

While the CSP might have stated in a disclaimer that it accepts no responsibility or liability if the customer suffers downtime due to targeted attacks, over time frustrated customers will switch to another competitor offering what is known as “cleanpipe” service.

The Need to Move Up the Value Chain

Given strong customer expectations, the competitiveness of a CSP depends on the ability to move up the value chain by providing cybersecurity services. Traditional business models such as bandwidth, hosting and data storage services centered around billing on usage are not competitive enough.

Solutions to Protect Carrier's Downstream

Clean Pipe Service Management

Nexusguard’s CleanPipe is intended for CSPs looking to immediately expand or complement their existing CleanPipe offerings.

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Telco Transformation

The Transformational Alliance Partner (TAP) program enables CSPs to deploy and offer DDoS mitigation-as-a-service at a a low CapEx and a low OpEx.

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Solution to Protect Carrier's Infrastructure and Network

Infrastructure Protection

InfraProtect offers telcos and ISPs the ability to leverage Nexusguard's globally distributed infrastructure to be used as an off-site sandbox to perform traffic analysis, shaping and attack mitigation.

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Hybrid DDoS Mitigation

Employing hybrid DDoS mitigation solution, the CSP enjoys the best-of-breed mitigation option, reaping the benefits of on-premise in-house setup and Nexusguard’s global scrubbing cloud.

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