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Data sovereignty or localization laws require that data created within a country’s borders to be processed, stored and backed up within the jurisdiction. Data sovereignty is a major concern for government agencies and organizations operating under strict compliance regulations, such as financial institutions or pharmaceutical companies. The challenges of keeping local data local are holding them back from using cloud DDoS mitigation service providers.


For some, addressing data sovereignty concerns are just as important as countering DDoS attacks

Data Subject to Multiple Countries’ Privacy Laws

When local traffic is offloaded to a global cloud for the scrubbing process, they are afraid that the vendor might store the data in multiple countries, making that data subject to the privacy laws of more than one country.

Backup Might be Held Abroad

They are worried that, while primary data might be held in the country of origin, backups might actually be held in another datacenter in a different country. The need for a robust disaster recovery approach may add to this risk.

Stringent Personal Data Protection Required by GDPR

The GDPR stipulates that EU-based organizations must document and, upon request, be able to prove that personal data processed is appropriately and sufficiently protected. To do that, organizations have to make sure that their security vendors protecting their web applications and networks have the proven capability.

Budget Constraints & Tight Spending Controls

Implementing cybersecurity solutions requires a high level of skill and expertise, not to mention the cost. And the public demands a high level of transparency and accountability in government budgeting processes, posing challenges for agency cybersecurity efforts.

Cyber Protests

Apart from DDoS attacks, malicious actors such as hacktivists also target government agencies for website defacement as a form of protest. Website defacement not only emabarasses the organization on a visual level, but it can also cause harm to the public by spreading fake news.

Nexusguard can architect a deployment that allows local traffic to be cleaned within the jurisdiction and international traffic to be cleaned in other scrubbing centers elsewhere

Deploy “Cloud in a Box” On Prem

Nexusguard’s MX7000 is a managed “cloud-in-a-box” solution deployed on premise. Local traffic can be processed in the organization’s designated local datacenter while Nexusguard scrubbing cloud processes only traffic from abroad and routes only clean traffic to the local network under protection.
In terms of granular traffic visibility, MX7000 allows you to have access to a Portal on which you can manage and monitor traffic based on different hierarchical levels of networks. Role-based hierarchy controls ensure the central, regional and local agencies as well as their subtenants and end-users have the right levels of access to the right set of traffic visibility and control. With robust, real-time dashboard analytics, authorized personnel can clearly see malicious traffic that is permeating their network.  Monthly reports, real-time packet-captures, and downloadable raw logs are available for authorized personnel.

Choose a Local Scrubbing Center or Nexusguard’s Local Partner

Nexusguard operates 9 scrubbing centers and partners with a number of ISPs in different countries and regions. You can choose to offload local traffic to a local scrubbing center operated by or a local ISP in partnership with Nexusguard for traffic scrubbing. Scrubbing malicious traffic locally makes sure the low latency and minimizes service downtime, especially for public-facing websites and applications. User experience & performance can be maximized in this way.

Comprehensive Certification

As a PCI-compliant (level 1) network security service provider, we are capable of protecting your sensitive data when they are stored, processed or transmitted in our datacenter. We are also certified for ISO 27001, ensuring that the highest standards of control are in place.


Our uncompromising security and protection gives our customers low CapEx, low OpEx and also no surprise charges.  All we deliver for you is truly unlimited attack protection. Our cost-effective comprehensive service has been in store for your network security.

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