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Move up the cybersecurity value chain

CSPs experience difficulty deploying a one-stop platform to address many challenges posed by DDoS attacks by the time of monetizing cybersecurity offerings

Customer frustration over downtime

As DDoS attacks become more potent and complex and increasingly target ASN-level CSPs, do you have the people, processes and technology to counter the growing threat? Further complicating matters is the fact that the cost of downtime caused to customers downstream could be substantial. Over time, frustrated customers will switch to your competitors offering what is known as “cleanpipe” service that protects them from a range of cyberattacks, including DDoS attacks.

The paradox of anti-DDoS box

In the DDoS mitigation marketplace, a handful of vendors offer an on-premise solution complemented by a third-party cloud infrastructure. However, these devices are costly to set up and complex to implement. They also require expertise and a 24x7 security team to operate. Moreover, hardware requires constant configuring and maintenance. Ongoing costs related to licence renewals, software updates and patches, repair and maintenance are unavoidable.

Lack of single-pane-of-glass visibility and multi-tenancy architecture

Even if you are well protected with the right hardware and cloud infrastructure in place, your network and customers are still vulnerable to attack if you lack the right tool to monitor network traffic and ability to make changes to your operations quickly to counter any threat detected. Moreover, the portals offered by some vendors are poorly designed and have limited or lack multi-tenancy capabilities. It inevitably becomes a laborious task for your in-house team to monitor and painfully configure security policies of each and every customer, one at a time.

Insufficient support

Focused on product sales rather than maintaining a long-term partnership, other vendors are incentivized to pursue larger deals, very often neglecting the needs and affordability of smaller clients. Poor pre- and post-sales support are reported from time to time, especially by regional and local CSPs. Even if they outsource technical support to a local MSSP or SI, external service providers have limited experience in mitigating global attacks.

The need to move up the value chain

Given strong customer expectations, the competitiveness of a CSP, apart from its core business, depends on the ability to move up the value chain by providing cybersecurity services, known as “cleanpipe”. In fact, many CSPs are aware of the changing business landscape and are looking for new ways to do more business. Traditional business models centered around billing on usage are not competitive enough. A new way of thinking and set of business models in the new era is now being explored.

Turn the DDoS pain into business gain and to accelerate the journey of transformation

Built-in return-on-investment mechanisms

End-user services, fully productized and ready to be delivered out of the box, mean that implementers of the platform and the TAP Program can immediately start offering a wide range of security services to its customers, exploring new revenue streams previously impossible and thus increasing the average revenue per unit per customer as well as company branding. This way, your brand is differentiated from those offering no comprehensive security services to customers. Such differentiation sharpens  your competitive edge in the market. Locking your customers into the newly provided security services can fortify your bond with customers.

Comprehensive security services in a single-paned dashboard

Security services shouldn’t operate in silo. Nexusguard’s platform offers a full range of services, in the CSP’s skin and brand, to protect customer applications, networks and infrastructure, connectivity, and domain name services from all possible cyber attacks—all on a single-paned glass. By logging in our 3-tiered multi-tenant portal, divided into 3 types of access: super admin, admin and user accounts, you can enjoy the convenience brought to you by a single-paned glass.

Store and process data locally

With the balkanization of the Internet, the ability to protect the sovereignty of internet traffic and data is becoming paramount, especially for verticals which have to comply with specific security requirements. Traditional borderless cloud services present too many uncertainties. Nexusguard Bastions offers CSPs and partners the chance to build a truly controllable, in-country solution, to serve verticals where location is top priority. This way, storage of and processing data are locally conducted to address the required performance, data sovereignty and the regional compliance requirements.

Perpetual licence and upgrades

The program’s innovative commercial offering discards the traditional CapEx spend model, replacing it with OpEx model that renders end-of-support/life conversations obsolete. Never again do you worry about the lifecycle of a product and to plan for heavy CapEx at the end of each technology lifecycle. Nexusguard’s platform offers perpetual license and support for as long as necessary—meaning the longer you operate the platform, the lower the TCO becomes.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Working with x86 bare-metal partners means that we are not binded to hardware manufacturers, cost or supply-wise. This translates to a great deal of savings for our customers. Customers have an option to acquire the bare metals, or to benefit from NXG’s OEM partnerships with our suppliers. In terms of dollars-per-gigabit at the carrier level - Nexusguard’s platform offers a 50-70% TCO savings over 3 years and it only gets higher as the program runs longer.

Training and certification

Delivered as a standard to each deployment, Nexusguard’s Academy provides training, enablement, evaluation and constant re-training for our partners and their staff. The courses are created by practitioners, for practitioners, and are created based on Nexusguard’s many years of operating and serving customers - ensuring that the courses and materials are practical, realistic and effective. Partners no longer need to worry about filling turnover and retraining - we got it covered.

Backed by Nexusguard global infrastructure

Nexusguard PoPs consisting of network equipment, detection and mitigation technology and internet connectivity are fully owned and operated by Nexusguard. Partner CSP’s subscribed to the services delivered via Bastions automatically enjoy enhanced availability and an increase in mitigation capacity through Nexusguard’s Edge Protection (EP), delivered via the Nexusguard Cloud.

Consistent and seamless hybrid experience

Unlike other market players, we own the entire spectrum of service - product, software, infrastructure, cloud, operations and business. Your customer and yourself enjoy single point interaction and user-interface, ensuring no lapse of service handovers and gaps in data presentations. It means that as long as your customers rely on your network to offer mission-critical services, maximum uptime and service availability are kept maintained during attack.

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