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Ensuring your application security

Global scrubbing network

Global Scrubbing Network

Highly redundant and scalable, Nexusguard's multi-node scrubbing network eliminates attacks close to their source. Our infrastructure employs global BGP Anycast to disperse and mitigate malicious attack traffic, ensuring extreme resiliency and low latency in peacetime and during attacks.

Intelligence-based Detection

Nexusguard Threat Intelligence collects and analyzes traffic data from multiple sources, including mitigation platforms, Security Operation Centers (SOC), industry research, IP reputations, and external intelligence exchanges to identify threats, proactively mitigate them, and enable preventive security postures.

Zero day Attacks

False Positive Incidents

Malicious Crawlers

Blacklisted IPs

Intelligence-based Detection
Multilayered Mitigation

Multiple Filters for Fast, Effective Mitigation

Our multilayered mitigation platform eliminates complex volumetric and Layer-7 attacks in nanoseconds.

High-speed Border Filtering

Defends against bandwidth floods using wire-speed Access Control Lists. Nexusguard also tracks and filters bogus IPs and infected hosts.

Protocol Verification Deep Packet Inspection (DPI)

Filters out SYN Flood and similar attacks that attempt to exploit TCP/IP protocol vulnerabilities. Progressive C/R (Challenge-Response) algorithms distinguish between spoofed and legitimate traffic.

Adaptive Filtering

Guards against Zero-day attacks using statistical analysis and anomaly recognition.

Application-level Filtering

Adaptively learns which applications are running on your network to detect and deter application traffic violations. Nexusguard’s C/R engine assesses malicious traffic, while HTTP Malformed filtering steps in to mitigate application-specific attacks.

Flexible Content Filtering

Deters morphing HTTP Flood attacks by adapting flexible content filters to rapidly counter evasive maneuvers.

Web Application Firewall (WAF)

Protects web applications, mobile apps, and APIs against common threats such as OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project) Top 10 Attacks.


Provides the last layer of protection, absorbing any attack traffic that may have slipped through the preceding layers.

All Types of DDoS Attacks

Nexusguard handles all your web traffic and requests, detects and mitigates attacks, and routes only clean traffic back to your web servers.

UDP Flood

SYN Flood

ICMP Flood

HTTP Flood

Ping of Death

Smurf Attack

Fraggle Attack


Application Attacks

NTP Amplification

Advanced Persistent Threats

Zero-day Attacks

All Types of DDoS Attacks
Robust Logging and Reporting

Robust Logging and Reporting

Turn traffic, performance, and visitor analytics into actionable intelligence and insights to drive better business decisions and strategies. Logs and reports on the Customer Portal can be customized to fulfill your reporting, audit, and compliance obligations.

Flexible Policy Configuration

Customize mitigation rules and rule groups, including whitelist and blacklists, to meet your specific security and compliance needs.

Flexible Policy Configuration
Web Application Firewall (WAF)

Cloud-based, PCI-certified WAF employs blacklist rules to address known security risks, especially OWASP Top 10 web application risks.

SSL Attack Mitigation

Protects sites and applications from SSL-based attacks. Our SSL cert management tool is PCI and ISO 27001 compliant.

CDN, Caching and Load Balancing

Traffic is compressed and cached to deliver content and services fast and steadily. Load-sharing traffic services support multiple backend configurations, while automatic backend failover provides extreme resilience.

Progressive C/R Algorithms

Employs non-intrusive authentication challenges to defend the application layer against all abuses and attacks and deliver uninterrupted browsing.

Patented Crawler Detection

Blocks malicious crawlers, spammers, hackers, and bots—even those using forged IP addresses—before they can attack your sites or steal confidential information.

Intuitive Dashboards

Get real-time traffic data and analytics, logs, infographics, and more, and customize security policies, rule sets, and reports in your Customer Portal.