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For communications service providers (CSPs), it is always a challenge to design a cost-effective DDoS protection solution for customers. But since CSPs are often the first resource customers turn to when they are under attack, DDoS protection is no longer a “nice to have” feature for customers, but a business necessity in order for CSPs to stay competitive. While acknowledging a growing demand for DDoS protection from customers, most CSPs have little or no expertise in handling DDoS attacks, let alone the knowledge of running DDoS mitigation as a business.

This is where the Transformational Alliance Partner (TAP) program comes into play. The program provides customized, cost-effective DDoS protection solutions for CSPs, protecting the core infrastructure while meeting customer demand for comprehensive DDoS protection. Most importantly, the program is designed to empower CSPs with the People, Processes and Technology in order for them to build, deliver and profit from DDoS mitigation services, aiding in their transformation into the next-gen CSP.

What can you benefit from TAP?



This encompasses the training and enablement of the human element across all functions; business, sales, marketing, engineering, operations and back office.
  • - Sales training
  • - Product training
  • - Technical training
  • - Threat intelligence updates
  • - Competitor analysis
  • - Cybersecurity updates
  • - Event speaker support
  • - Knowledgebase



The Nexusguard MX7000 mitigation platform is designed specifically for CSPs to address their business needs.
  • - Threat detection
  • - L3/4 & L7 DDoS attack mitigation
  • - Web Application Firewall
  • - Content caching and acceleration
  • - Load balancing
  • - CleanPipe
  • - Multi-tenant Portal
  • - APPS Marketplace



Helping CSPs build and maintain the day-to-day operations necessary of a security business.
  • - Customer profiling
  • - Event monitoring
  • - Emergency response
  • - Troubleshooting
  • - POC support
  • - SOC consultation
  • - Go-to-market strategy
  • - Sales enablement

Flexible Solutions for CSPs & Customers

You and your customers need tailored DDoS protection to deliver uninterrupted network services at all times. This is exactly why we structure the TAP program in a flexible way that facilitates how you and your customers do business:


Complete suite of DDoS defense solutions

Provide a complete suite of DDoS mitigation and network optimization solutions to defend against volumetric L3/L4 attacks and complex L7 attacks, and enhance content and application delivery. The program further includes security training programs and access to security intelligence.


Flexible deployment

Offer flexible deployment options: pure-cloud, local+cloud scrubbing and hybrid to integrate our platform into your existing solutions, all depending on your network capacity, legacy setup and data residency requirements.


Sweet spot between self-service and fully managed

Depending on the required level of protection, network resources and security expertise, you can choose between self-service and fully-managed models, or anywhere in between. At the highest level, we provide 24-hour SOC support, fully automated mitigation and reports on the status of the server.


Partner Portal

Designed for multi-tenant environments, Nexusguard Portal is a premier traffic visibility, management and reporting system built to meet the diverse needs of modern networks. The portal combines network visibility, powerful tools and educational resources to create a “single-pane-of-glass” platform for managing DDoS detection and mitigation policies and obtaining actionable intelligence.



  • Tap new revenue streams

    Roll out or make our solutions part of your cleanpipe or cybersecurity business quickly and increase profitability.

  • Complete your cybersecurity portfolio

    Augment your existing cybersecurity or cleanpipe solutions by offering new or additional features.

  • Gain a competitive edge

    Differentiate your brand and gain a long-term competitive advantage in your cybersecurity or cleanpipe offering.

  • Maximize uptime and service availability

    As long as your customers rely on you to deliver mission-critical services, it’s crucial to deliver maximum uptime and availability.

  • Minimize collateral damage risk

    Avoid network collateral damage in which other critical services are also affected.

Transformation in 90 Days



Hardware procurement, network design and project team formation



Hardware installation, configuration and UAT



SOC set-up consultation, security associate training and go-to-market enablement

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