360 DDoS Protection

Comprehensive DDoS Protection via Single-Pane-of-Glass

Organizations relying on uninterrupted network connectivity to deliver services are at risk of being victimized by DDoS attacks, which can render a server, mission-critical service or infrastructure unavailable by overcharging the network bandwidth or by exhausting network resources.

As DDoS attacks continue to grow in size and advance in complexity, and increasingly target multiple vectors, organizations need a comprehensive security solution that protects their infrastructure, websites, applications, DNS servers from L3/4 and L7 DDoS attacks.


DDoS attack is too large and too complicated for in-house team to handle

Attacks are Increasingly Complex and Persistent

Today, attackers use sophisticated techniques that interrupt business operations. Known as zero-day attacks, attacks are constantly evolving, which are extremely complex, multi-vector, persistent, and often encrypted.

Comprehensive Protection is Needed

Merely protecting the network from floods or web services from abuses is not enough. The challenge is that most attacks use a cocktail of volumetric, application-layer attacks exploiting vulnerabilities in different server protocols.

Attack Sources are Diversely Distributed

The “distributed” part of a DDoS attack is what makes an attack difficult to defend against. The proliferation of vulnerable IoT devices, a massive number of open DNS resolvers, along with many other security vulnerabilities or device weaknesses, provide attackers with plentiful global resources to build botnets and launch DDoS attacks.

It’s Costly to Deploy DDoS Mitigation Solution

While deploying in-line DDoS mitigation appliances can help stop smaller attacks, it is costly to set up and requires regular upgrades and additional licence fees. Moreover, mitigating globally diverse attacks require a global infrastructure, which is expensive to build and maintain.

Legacy Security Devices Require Too Much Manual Intervention

Whether mitigation is carried out by configuring edging routers or on-premise hardware, human intervention is still involved. Delays caused by humans in “time to mitigate” creates a window of opportunity for cybercriminals to do more harm.

Lack Granular Control for More Agile Response

Another challenge is lack of granular visibility and control over network traffic, threat intelligence and policy configuration. The security team often wastes time in figuring out the source of attacks and attackers in case of a security incident.

The industry’s most trusted, enterprise-grade solution for protecting websites, applications, and networks from DDoS attacks and other exploitative activities.

Comprehensive Security Services

Built on the right mix of People, Processes and Technology, Nexusguard boasts a one-stop DDoS protection platform that consists of Application Protection (AP), Web Application Firewall (WAF), Origin Protection (OP), InfraProtect and DNS Protection (DP), to defend public-facing websites, applications, APIs, infrastructure, backends and DNS servers against DDoS attacks of all types and complexities. In addition, as data security becomes a major concern, our protection services provide strong data security measures that comply with restrictive local data management policies.  All configurations are user-friendly and flexible, based on the scale and scope of your network services you need to cover.

Global Scrubbing Cloud

Nexusguard’s rigorous, multi-layered scrubbing process is spread out over a vast scrubbing network geographically located around the world. We are also partnering with a number of local/regional CSPs to branch out our mitigation capacity into local regions, so that both international and in-country attack traffic can be handled and mitigated simultaneously to minimize latency and maintain a good user experience. With such a good customer relationship built by the timely mitigation, financial repercussions and potential customer loss, both possibly caused by service interruptions or outages are minimized.

24x7 Security Operations Center (SOC)

Solely relying on automated filtering tools and large bandwidth for DDoS mitigation is not enough. Nexusguard operates an 24x7 SOC, staffed with multilingual security experts to monitor and respond to attacks and threats while providing seamless support to our customers. Their experience, skills and availability are essential part of our comprehensive mitigation mechanism, all being combined can flexibly and timely respond to the changing techniques used by attackers. Leveraging our SOC experts coupled with our global scrubbing capacities ensures uptime service protection even during an attack, thus allowing your IT teams to focus on their core business.

Granular Visibility & Control

Designed for multi-tenant environments, Nexusguard Portal is a premier traffic visibility, management and reporting system built to meet the diverse needs of modern networks. Nexusguard Portal combines network visibility, powerful tools and educational resources to create a cost-effective, “single-pane-of-glass” platform for managing DDoS detection and mitigation policies and obtaining actionable intelligence.

Automated, Intelligent Detection & Mitigation

Upon detecting malicious attempts, the Nexusguard mitigation platform automatically produces alarms and initiates the process according to a filter-based security profile built and fine-tuned using machine learning and AI to detect threats. Malicious or suspicious attempts are headed off before reaching your network or online applications. Your online applications are shielded from bot scanning, thus being ranked higher in search engines.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Provided with flexible cloud-in-a-box, pure-cloud and hybrid deployment options suggests that the organization always has the discretion to choose one that is most cost-effective. Moreover, never again do you worry about the lifecycle of a product and to plan for heavy CapEx at the end of each technology lifecycle. We offer perpetual license and support for as long as necessary.

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