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Multiple Scrubbing Layers

To protect backend infrastructure from network- and protocol-based attacks, Nexusguard scrubs all traffic before it enters your network and routes thoroughly cleansed traffic back to your web servers.

Two-way GRE Tunnel

A redundant and secure two-way GRE (Generic Routing Encapsulation) tunnel forwards clean traffic to the Origin IP and returns outbound traffic from applications to users.

Individual IP Protection

Clients relying on a small number of IP addresses—or even just one—as well as those using public cloud services via a dedicated IP address to deliver mission-critical services benefit from exceptionally cost-effective, individual IP protection.

Customized Rule Sets

Policy templates make it easy to manage large networks with numerous IP addresses. Build custom rules for specific protection groups in order to improve mitigation performance, focus on policy violations, and minimize false positive rates.

Always-on Reliability

Origin Protection can be deployed as an always-on or on-demand solution, and is ideal for protecting critical, non-HTTP assets against frequent attacks. As an always-on solution, mitigation is fully automated—no activation required.

Intuitive Dashboards

Get real-time traffic data and analytics, logs, infographics, and more, and customize security policies and rules for optimal traffic policing in the Customer Portal.

Security Operations Center (SOC)

Nexusguard’s 24x7 SOC monitors network activity, patches vulnerabilities, provides early warnings on incidents, and responds whenever they occur.

Flexible Policy Configuration for Large Networks

Improve mitigation effectiveness, save time, and get a focused view of malicious traffic and policy violations using easily customized rule sets for specific groups.