Origin Protection

Protect Your Large Network

Protecting a large network from DDoS attacks is easier said than done. With that said, Nexusguard’s(OP) is architected to protect large networks, featuring flexible policy configuration, intelligent traffic profiling and auto mitigation. These are essential for enterprises managing a vast network, such as those managing hundreds of Class C networks or a Class B.


The default settings of detection and mitigation strategies cannot keep abreast of the ever-changing properties of attacks.

One Profile Can’t Fit All

While a global rule-set that applies to all levels of network components seems to be efficient in operations, the trade-off is effectiveness and very likely a higher false positive rate. Many localized rule-sets for smaller network components achieve better mitigation results, but the compromise is that it takes more time and efforts to do so.

Evolving Threats Require Dynamic Profiling

The accuracy of threshold-based detection lies in the strategic use of thresholding to prune and complement detection rules in one way or the other. Setting and adjusting thresholds require a thorough understanding of your network components and the traffic pattern of each of them. Besides, threshold values are expected to evolve with respect to change in your environment. It is also crucial to understand the sensitivity of varying thresholds on detection accuracy.

Safeguard all backend network components from DDoS threats and attacks with Origin Protection solution

Multiple Mitigation Templates

Configure global mitigation policy and then localize it for smaller network components. This way, the administrator can apply different policies to different groups of traffic to achieve the best mitigation results.

Versatile Threat Detection Capabilities

In addition to Time-based Flood Detection, you can deploy Instant Flood Detection to catch traffic bursts or hit-and-run attacks, or the AI-powered Smart Detection Mode to deliver intelligent and accurate detection capabilities that automatically adapt to evolving threats.

Auto Mitigation

Turn on auto mitigation for each network level to counter perceived network floods based on the customized mitigation templates. Our OP technologies, coupled with the aid of customized mitigation templates based on the specific needs of networks, can effectively mitigate attacks. In doing so, uptime for the network is guaranteed, backed by enterprise-grade SLA against all DDoS attacks. Thus, user experience & performance are maximized during attack time thanks to mitigation mechanisms.

24x7 SOC Support

Solely relying on automated filtering tools and large bandwidth for DDoS mitigation is not enough. Nexusguard operates an 24x7 SOC staffed with multilingual security experts to monitor and respond to attacks and threats while providing seamless support to our customers. Their experience, skills and availability are essential part of our comprehensive mitigation mechanism. All being combined can flexibly and timely respond to the changing techniques used by attackers. Apart from network monitoring from 24x7 SOC, you also keep abreast of traffic of your network on an integrated portal. The traffic monitored on the portal is real-time. Dashboard and analytics displayed downloadable event logs and reports anytime.

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