Nexusguard Certified Security Associate (NCSA)

Learn the best practices intransforming your NOC to SOC

The course is a training program that transforms Network Operations Engineers to Network and Security Professionals. It is aimed to enhance the capabilities of Network Operations Centers to become a Security Operations Center. Taking this step forward, the course covers the basics of how a Security Operations Center works which starts from Alert Monitoring, Analysis up to Attack Mitigation. The course begins from the foundational knowledge related to DDoS Attacks, up to handling various DDoS Attacks using the various products and countermeasures as designed by Nexusguard.


Who should attend

  • Network Administrators
  • SOC Analyst
  • IT Practitioners
  • Web Developers and Administrators
  • Information Security Managers / Chief Information Security Officers


  • Basic knowledge on TCP/IP and OSI Layers
  • Basic knowledge on Network Protocols
  • Basic knowledge on web applications
  • Basic knowledge in windows and linux commands

The Skills You’ll Gain

DDoS Solution and Mitigation Techniques

Learn about DDOS attacks and how it can affect you as a business

Application Protection

Learn about Layer 7 on the OSI layer and how to protect your network

Origin Protection

Learn about Layer 3 and 4 on the OSI layer and how to protect your network

DNS Protection

Understand the trends of how information are being intercepted via DNS and how to prevent it

Upon Completion

Upon completion of this course the student will be able to put to use their newly found skills and knowledge in the field of Digital Forensics and Incident Response. The student will also be provided with the Nexusguard Certified Incident Responder (NCIR) certification which is highly demanded across the industry because of its real-life application. As a world class certification, the student can showcase their NCIR as part of their curriculum vitae since its globally recognized by well-known accreditation bodies.


Course Structure

These 100 hours course is broken down into the following learning activities and assessments to validate the knowledge and practical skills acquired by the student, who makes the progress towards achieving the certification at the end of the course.

Curriculum Module
1. Introduction to DDoS
2. Network Fundamentals
3. Introduction to Application Protection (Features, Portal Access, Mitigation Policies, Web Application Firewall)
4. Introduction to Origin & Clean Pipe Protection (Portal Access, Mitigation Policies)
5. Introduction to DNS Protection (Portal Access)
6. Traffic Analysis and Inspection
7. Attack Handling
Learning Assessment
1. Multiple choice questions
2. Hands-on assessment
3. Attack simulation and analysis
4. Cyber drill - crisis simulation

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