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Secure, Compliant DDoS Protection Solutions

Protecting the banking and finance sector from DDoS attacks has long been part of what we do. As the finance industry continues to embrace fintech, online banking, trading and investing platforms have inevitably become targets for cybercriminals. DDoS attacks not only can incur significant costs but also cause irreparable damage to the organization’s reputation.


Being wary of managed data to stay secure under jurisdiction is the primary concern.

Regulatory Challenges

No matter where the jurisdiction is, there are many regulations and compliance requirements banks and financial institutions have to follow. They define the data security, risk management and auditing requirements. Financial institutions are also required to adopt industry-compliant solutions to maintain network resilience and uptime.

Data Security

For financial institutions, keeping data secure is of utmost importance. Customer data is extremely sensitive, making it valuable and vulnerable to cyberattacks. Allowing customer data to be processed by third parties make many banking executives think twice.


For financial institutions, keeping control of network security devices makes every sense. Surrendering the control to third parties could reduce your ability to be flexible and agile. Requiring an absolute control remains a reason for financial institutions to cling to hardware deployment tightly.

Compliance Integral Part of Your Trust In Nexusguard

Flexible Hybrid Deployments

Nexusguard’s hybrid deployment combines the capabilities of private, in-country and global scrubbing. In-country traffic can be processed within the jurisdiction or private cloud, providing flexibility and scalability, while meeting data sovereignty, compliance and regulatory requirements. In terms of response rate, an on-premise solution immediately and automatically starts to swiftly mitigate attack. For massive attack, if necessary, our Nexusguard’s multiterabit cloud infrastructure is always poised to be leveraged for scalable, on-demand DDoS mitigation. Flexibility is the advantage of hybrid deployments. In addition to our hybrid deployment of protection services that let you flexibly handle traffic, they cover multi-vector DDoS attacks directed at L3/4 and L7 layers. Under our protection, you are rest-assured that your financial services are not susceptible to attack.

Web Application Firewall (WAF)

As an integral part of our multilayered mitigation platform, Nexusguard's Web Application Firewall (WAF) ensures fast, reliable and secure data delivery of online tradings and transactions. It is geared to defend against OWASP Top 10 privacy risks in web applications such as SQL injection, brute force attacks on login pages, and many more.

Comprehensive Certification

We are a PCI-certified service provider (Level 1), meaning that we implement required security measures to safeguard the processing, storage and/or transmission of credit card and sensitive information. Also certified by ISO 27001, we are committed to incorporating international information security best practices.

24x7 SOC and support team

Transaction is of utmost importance in financial service. To make sure your transaction uptime at all times even during attacks, our 24x7 SOC run by well-versed experts is ready to address your concerns. Network insecurity at  worst causes the transaction disruptions. Timely technical support and prompt response requests to handle attack events are at the forefront of  financial services.

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