Network Protection

Ensure Zero Degradation in Network Quality of CSP Infrastructures

Designed and built specifically to protect the local network infrastructure of partner CSPs, Nexusguard’s Network Protection nullifies the threat of attack traffic attempting to flood the network by maximizing network availability, thereby reducing congestion caused by the attack.

Maintain Stable Backbone for all Services

Eliminates volumetric attacks to allow all services to be delivered over a stable backbone to all clients

Protect against Volumetric Attacks

Safeguards CSP infrastructures against all forms of L3-L4 DDoS attacks using best-in-class DDoS attack mitigation techniques

Robust and Efficient Mitigation

Automatically removes only attack traffic while ensuring the flow of legitimate traffic is uninterrupted

DDoS Attack Alerts

Instant dispatch of attack alerts to the CSP’s NOC in the event of a DDoS attack

Suite of Mitigation Tools

Provides a full suite of mitigation tools to support CSPs’ SOC in building custom protection policies for its most critical resources including network devices and servers/ applications

Multi-level Mitigation Profiles

Provides CSP’s SOC flexibility in defining a granular protection policy at the site, network and host level to suit the protected assets and dynamic nature of the environment

What sets Nexusguard Network Protection apart?

Maximizes network availability and prevents congestion to CSP backbones due to DDoS attacks

Ensures network quality is not degraded within CSP backbone

Lowers operating costs by reducing the number of switchovers to cloud protection

Provides protection for all registered IP prefixes


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We want to make the network environment for our customer as safe as they feel at home. Nexusguard offers a customized internet security solution so that our customers can continue to interact with us the way supposed to be and the way they want to—all the way without interruption.

Visrut Manunpon, Chief Technical Officer, SNOC

We chose to partner with Nexusguard because of its specialty in DDoS mitigation. In fact, they not only focus on DDoS attacks, they are also curious about and strive to address the pain points they face.

Lee Shih Yen, VP, Cyber Security, StarHub

We opted to partner with Nexusguard because of their global reach and robustness of their platform. They have helped many companies and governments globally defend against cyberattack. Nexusguard is consistently recognised by analysts such as Gartner and Forrester as a market leader.

Wale Ajisebutu, CEO, 21st Century Technologies

Our customers are extremely satisfied with Nexusguard DDoS Protection solutions because they have sophisticated tools that give them visibility into their networks. With Netpluz mitigation facility commissioned in Singapore, powered by Nexusguard, our customers can expect proactive and intelligent mitigations to ensure only clean traffic reaches their network.

Lau Leng Fong, CEO, Netpluz

The Nexusguard solution secures our network with enterprise-grade SLAs. Most importantly, it ensures all business-essential applications have the uptime that they require.

Michael NG, Sales Director of REDtone

When we have queries and new service requests, the Nexusguard team were able to attend to us promptly. This is a good partnership that every business would want to ensure our business plans are implemented smoothly.

Saymon Araujo, Senior Network Analyst, Azion Technologies Inc.

Nexusguard Service Provider Enablement (Partner Program) allows service providers to deliver DDoS mitigation as a service to their customers and employ a revenue sharing model. This program fills a significant market gap as many businesses lack the resources to justify a large DDoS mitigation appliance deployment.

Chris Rodriguez, Senior Industry Analyst, Frost & Sullivan

Network Protection Datasheet

Nexusguard’s Network Protection fends off the threat of attack traffic attempting to inundate the network by maximizing network availability, thereby reducing congestion caused by the attack.

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Nexusguard Extended Cloud Protection Capability Delivers Increased Flexibility For DDoS Protection Solutions

Deployed within minutes through our partner CSPs, Nexusguard’s range of cloud services deliver immediate security backed by our 24x7 SOC team - all through an affordable, subscription-based service.

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Utilize Network Protection to maintain own backbone network quality and stability

Network Protection service is implemented at the Bastion PoP of the partner CSP to protect their own backbone. A highly available and stable network backbone is imperative in order to offer value added high quality network services to downstream clients.

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