Bastion Product Draft

Scale up Protection of Internet Uplink and infrastructure of CSPs

From continuous analysis of traffic, through to alerting you to possible attack and then receiving your redirected traffic, scrubbing it and returning clean traffic to you, Nexusguard’s Edge Protection provides a unified user experience through an integrated dashboard to defend against and mitigate all types of cyber attacks.



Protects CSP Internet uplink connections from congestion caused by L3-L4 DDoS attacks using best-of-breed DDoS mitigation techniques


AI-driven Smart Mode that is capable of detecting cyber-attacks with improved precision


Nexusguard’s Cloud Diversion feature enables fully automated traffic diversion


Automatically removes only attack traffic without interrupting the flow of legitimate traffic


Allows CSPs to manage, view and configure detection and mitigation settings through an integrated and unified dashboard with tabulated analytics


Provides an immediate increase in mitigation capacity to Bastion PoP from Nexusguard Cloud


Reduces demand for large mitigation bandwidth from CSPs


Implements Nexusguard Cloud Diversion App to facilitate and automate traffic diversion


Diverts attack risk to Cloud


Edge Protection portal improves transparency of attack event status to CSPs


Reduces the risk induced by other clients to a minimum

  • Edge Protection Datasheet

    Nexusguard’s Edge Protection service leverages Nexusguard’s globally distributed scrubbing cloud to scale up protection of not only the partner CSP’s infrastructure, but also the Bastions servers from being crippled by attacks that might overwhelm the CSP’s capacity.

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  • Nexusguard Extended Cloud Protection Capability Delivers Increased Flexibility For DDoS Protection Solutions

    Deployed within minutes through our partner CSPs, Nexusguard’s range of cloud services deliver immediate security backed by our 24x7 SOC team - all through an affordable, subscription-based service.

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  • Nexusguard Edge Protection Diverts Attack Risk To Cloud Reducing Demand For Large Mitigation Bandwidth From Communications Service Providers

    A combination of on-premise and cloud protection is now a very typical offering. On-premise companies either acquire or partner with cloud providers to put together a "hybrid" solution, but in reality they are two separate solutions sold as one product. 

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  • Utilize Network Protection to maintain own backbone network quality and stability

    Network Protection service is implemented at the Bastion PoP of the partner CSP to protect their own backbone. A highly available and stable network backbone is imperative in order to offer value added high quality network services to downstream clients.

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  • Deliver Application Protection service to any website or TCP based application servers

    Websites are exposed to both volumetric and application based DDoS attacks. While there are a number of options to protect against volumetric attacks, Application Protection is the only option that provides all round protection including WAF. Implementing together with DNS Protection would make it a perfect solution by enhancing the availability of the webdomain which is critical in diverting traffic to the cloud.

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