3-Pillar Cybersecurity Platform, Managed DDoS Mitigation Platform

Simplifying DDoS for Communications Service Providers

3-Pillar Cybersecurity Platform

Application Protection
Secure Internet-facing websites and applications.

Origin Protection
Shield networks and systems from threats.

DNS Protection
Keep DNS services up and running.

3-Pillar Cybersecurity Platform

Managed DDoS Mitigation Platform

Purpose-built for CSP partners, the Nexusguard Managed DDoS Mitigation Platform (MX7000) is a powerful, versatile “cloud-in-a-box” deployment that seamlessly integrates Nexusguard’s proprietary technologies and global cloud scrubbing into a modular chassis built into the CSP’s environment. > Learn More

Managed DDoS Mitigation Platform

Transformational Alliance Partner (TAP)

The TAP program provides customized, cost-effective DDoS protection solutions for CSPs, protecting the core infrastructure while meeting customer demand for comprehensive DDoS protection. Most importantly, the program is designed to empower CSPs with the People, Processes and Technology in order for them to build, deliver and profit from DDoS mitigation services, aiding in their transformation into the next-gen CSP. > Learn More

Transformational Alliance Partner

Nexusguard Academy

Courses created and delivered by practitioners to equip your staff with real-world, executable skills and knowledge to lead your organization on its part of transformation and towards success. > Learn More



Nexusguard Academy

DDoS Protection Made Simple



We facilitate carriers to easily deliver managed security services in a multi-tenancy environment through a real-time single pane of glass.

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We help safeguard the public utilities from DDoS attacks or any cyberthreats to achieve their service stability and ensure their normal operation.

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We partner with enterprises to continue their online applications and services with no fear of DDoS attacks or any cyberthreats.

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We make concerted effort with gaming companies to provide always-available platforms for users under DDoS attacks or any cyberthreats.

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2022 White Paper :
The Cost of DDoS Security

The threat of DDoS attacks looms large over every and all types of organization that relies on the Internet today to conduct their daily business. DDoS detection and mitigation is now an inseparable part of every organization’s cybersecurity playbook and Business Continuity Planning (BCP). In this guide, we identify and break down the direct and indirect capital and operations costs involved in deploying and maintaining a DDoS detection and mitigation strategy that works.


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Nexusguard adds Network Protection to deliver increased protection for Local CSP Infrastructures

Business relies on connectivity from Communications Service Providers (CSPs) to continue delivering their services to customers. Ensuring always-on network availability is a vital component for the timely delivery of goods and services.

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CVE-2022-26134: Zero-Day Vulnerability In Atlassian Confluence Server And Data Center

To provide our customers with immediate protection against exploitation of this vulnerability, we updated the Nexusguard Web Application Firewall (#WAF) with a new rule. Check out our blog for more details.

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