Bastion Product Draft

Choose your own on-premise servers as an extension of the
Nexusguard Cloud

Customers wishing to take up Nexusguard Bastions services have a choice of two full-featured enterprise servers, incorporating Nexusguard’s proprietary technologies and processes to serve their protection needs.


Bastions server - MX7000

Suitable for large-sized CSPs and mega PoPs that require a full suite of cybersecurity services, through the Bastions server MX7000, Application Protection, Origin Protection and DNS Protection can be delivered via a Bastions PoP to their customers locally as an extension of the Nexusguard Cloud.

Occupying 7U in a high-performance chassis, the Bastions server MX7000 is capable of delivering up to 200Gbps of mitigation capacity.

Adopting both a Standalone and High Availability (HA) design, the Bastions server MX7000 can interconnect with multiple internet border routers with different port channels.


dellemc-per650Bastions server - R650

Designed to serve smaller CSPs or large CSP satellite PoPs, the Bastions server R650's small footprint 1U engine with 40Gbps mitigation capacity, powered by AC or DC, is deployed as a standalone device connecting to 1~2 routers, operating as a Bastions PoP delivering namely Origin Protection, Network Protection and Clean Pipe locally to customers.

For clients wishing expand or complement their existing offerings by adding Application Protection and DNS Protection, these services are available for subscription via the Nexusguard Cloud or mega PoPs with MX7000 deployments.

With a number of network interface options available, the Bastions servers can integrate seamlessly with Nexusguard Cloud for true-hybrid global mitigation protection.


Store and Process Data Locally

The balkanization of Internet means data sovereignty is of paramount importance. The Nexusguard managed platform allows the CSP to keep local data while countering global attacks. Read more >


24x7 Access to Dedicated Technical Support

Round-the-clock technical support from a team of multilingual security experts Read more>

In which countries will Bastions services be available?
Bastions services are available anywhere we can get our Bastion Servers to. To check if Bastions is available in your location, contact us.
Can I reuse my existing servers to deploy my Bastions service?
No, Bastions servers leverage Nexusguard designed infrastructure, and are only supported on a Nexusguard platform that is optimized for secure, high-performance, and reliable operations with specific hardware specification and configuration settings.
Can I order my own hardware that can be installed as part of my Bastions service?
Yes, so long as the Bill of Materials (BOM) is strictly followed.
Are there any prerequisites for deploying Bastions servers at my location?
The prerequisites are rack space, air conditioning and dual-power supply. There is a specific requirement for the power connectors if Bastions server MX7000 is to be deployed. Apart from these physical elements, there are also network connections for data transfer and out-of-band management. Typically, multiple fibre connections of 10Gbps/100Gbps are required depending on the solution design. Please refer to the datasheets for the exact details.
How does Nexuguard maintain Bastions servers infrastructure?
When your Bastions service is installed, everything including the Bastions servers, hardware, platform components and service will be monitored 24/7 by Nexusguard’s dedicated Platform Team.


  • Bastions Brochure

    Nexusguard Bastions is the latest in fully managed solutions delivering Nexusguard services to virtually any on-premises or edge location for a truly consistent and seamless hybrid experience.

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  • Bastions server - MX7000 Datasheet

    Nexusguard Bastions server - MX7000 mitigates all L3/L4 attacks that attempt to flood the core and downstream networks of the CSP, and mitigates complex L7 attacks that target the computing resources of their customers, by inspecting traffic, detecting threats and blocking attacks against protected networks and application resources, in real-time. 

    Download now >
  • Bastions server - R650 Datasheet

    Nexusguard’s Bastions Server R650 module is designed to serve smaller CSPs or large CSP satellite PoPs.

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  • MX7000: “Cloud-in-a-Box” DDoS Protection for Regional CSPs

    MX7000 is the ultimate DDoS mitigation platform regional CSPs should have for access to Nexusguard’s people, processes and technology they could not obtain otherwise in order to deploy, implement and profit from best-in-class DDoS protection services.

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  • InfraProtect vs Origin Protection - A Comparison Guide

    InfraProtect and Origin Protection provide on-demand attack mitigation, protecting your infrastructure (and downstream) against network DDoS attacks of all sizes and types. Both solutions prevent valuable bandwidth from being saturated with malicious traffic and help maintain network and service availability even during a large-scale DDoS attack.

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  • Utilize Network Protection to maintain own backbone network quality and stability

    Network Protection service is implemented at the Bastion PoP of the partner CSP to protect their own backbone. A highly available and stable network backbone is imperative in order to offer value added high quality network services to downstream clients.

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  • Deliver Application Protection service to any website or TCP based application servers

    Websites are exposed to both volumetric and application based DDoS attacks. While there are a number of options to protect against volumetric attacks, Application Protection is the only option that provides all round protection including WAF. Implementing together with DNS Protection would make it a perfect solution by enhancing the availability of the webdomain which is critical in diverting traffic to the cloud.

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