Multi-tenant system

Uninterrupted Playtime is the Name of the Game

Over the past few years multiplayer games have evolved into what are known as e-sports today. Popular games prove to be a cash cow for game developers and hosting platforms. As every move counts in a fierce battle, gamers have zero tolerance toward frame drops, lag spikes, not to mention downtime, the worst nightmare ever. Nevertheless, servers hosting mission-critical gaming services are very often a target of DDoS attacks owing to substantial commercial interests. As a result, it is of utmost importance for gaming hosting platforms to be seamlessly protected against frequent, massive DDoS threats.


Availability isn’t just important for maintaining service uptime — it’s also critical to maintaining the uninterrupted realtime gaming experience

Growing Importance of Gaming Service Providers to CSPs

It is estimated that the traffic share of online gaming traffic has now reached over 5 percent of total network traffic of communications service providers (CSPs); and accounts for a much higher percentage on specialized hosting platforms. It is obvious that gaming services have become a key revenue source for CSPs. Protecting them from cyberattacks is a must.

Gamers’ Zero Tolerance for Lags

Different game genres have different latency requirements, depending on the game dynamics and player interactions. While, needless to say, latency is the most important parameter, other factors such as packet loss and delay variation (jitter) are also the criteria that gamers don’t compromise on.

Hypercompetitive Gaming Industry

The GDPR stipulates that EU-based organizations must document and, upon request, be able to prove that personal data processed is appropriately and sufficiently protected. To do that, organizations have to make sure that their security vendors protecting their web applications and networks have the proven capability.

Small Attacks Can Cause Crashes & Session Interruptions

Rather than firing off a large volume of junk traffic, attackers now prefer using stealthy techniques to cause network crashes and session interruptions frequently. The bad news is, small but noticeable lags, jitters or packet loss caused by malicious traffic is enough to drive players away to other competitors’ games.

Partner with Nexusguard to deliver uncompromising security, protecting player access whenever and wherever they are ready to play

Cloud in a Box

We offer a private and public scrubbing cloud with the deployment of the MX7000 platform, enabling the company to perform in-cloud scrubbing and offload traffic spikes to the global cloud of Nexusguard. The deployment of the "cloud-in-a-box" solution in its own environment provides capabilities to detect and block DDoS traffic with better granularity, visibility and control. Most importantly, this gives the partner the peace of mind over data sovereignty and compliance issues.

Ensure Network Resilience

Nexusguard's Origin Protection (OP) is architected to protect the network infrastructure on an on-demand basis. During peacetime, gaming traffic goes through the CSP network as usual. But upon detecting traffic anomalies, spikes in traffic will be offloaded to the Nexusguard global scrubbing cloud. These scrubbing centers work to diminish the impact by blocking attack traffic upstream before it reaches the network, enabling the most secure, uninterrupted access to the online games hosted on your platform.  In addition, our combination of DDoS protection for L3/4, L7 and DNS services also strengthens the uptime service and network resilience in the face of attacks.

White-glove Provisioning

To offer the very best protection for gaming servers, the Nexusguard provisioning team analyzes how the most popular online games work and their traffic pattern. After conducting a series of tests, the team studies and identifies the vulnerabilities of different applications and possible attack tactics. With this retro-engineering work, we are able to provide solutions that are adapted for each type of game by establishing default “site profiles.”

Offer CleanPipe Services Tailored to Gaming Service Providers

Partner with Nexusguard to market and resell Nexusguard’s full suite of DDoS protection products to your gaming service provider customers. Nowadays the lifecycle of an online game goes down to as short as a few months. Nexusguard’s partnership package allows you to formulate a flexible pricing strategy to include more different DDoS protection packages for your clients. To assist in your selling and marketing protection packages, comprehensive training is delivered to help you roll out new packages and provide post-sales services to your gaming server customers.

Multitenant Portal

It provides access to Nexusguard’s Portal customized to your branding design and network environment. Designed for a multitenant environment, the Portal allows the partner to gain a granular view of network traffic, including raw, attack and clean traffic, configure security policies on different network levels, and manage individual customer accounts efficiently

24x7 SOC and support team

24x7 access to dedicated engineers to immediately address your concerns. Our battle-tested staff monitor and mitigate attacks at all times and are welcome to answer your requests and deliver timely technical support regarding your network security via a single point of contact.

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