DNS Protection

DNS Protection that delivers 100% availability and enables DNS requests to be resolved efficiently for protected domains

DNS Protection (DP) protects mission-critical services from DNS attacks, leveraging Nexusguard’s globally distributed DNS infrastructure to mitigate DNS-based DDoS attacks while responding to legitimate user requests.


Hosting Model
Reverse Proxy Model

100% DNS Availability

Ensure mission critical services are 100% up and running and free from DDoS attacks by deploying DNS on Nexusguard’s geographically Anycast network.

Four-tier Filtering

1. White/blacklisting

2. Malformed packet

3. Rate-limiting

4. Payload filtering

To identify and drop malicious queries.


Flexible Deployment

1. DNS Hosting

2. Reverse Proxy

Choose DNS hosting or reverse proxy as deployment depending on whether you have to protect certain domains or their name servers.

Advanced Query Statistics

View advanced stats visualizing DNS queries to selected domains, including legitimate and unresolvable queries.


Fast DNS responses and high availability for your global public domain needs

- Access to global Anycast infrastructure and scalability
- Custom rules matching your organizational security policy
- Minimize downtime and reduce costly impacts of attacks
- Compliance with DNSSEC mandates

Enjoy unparalleled visibility of network traffic and threats in real time

- Comprehensive real-time dashboard and analytics
Automatic monthly reports
- Unlimited raw log downloads

24x7 access to dedicated engineers to immediately address your concerns

- Attack monitoring and mitigation with 24x7 SOC & support team
- Dedicated technical support


- Simple, cost-effective and predictable pricing structure based on the no. of zones to be protected, not the no. of DNS queries
- Low CapEx, low OpEx
- No surprise charges

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  • DNS Protection Brochure

    DNS Protection that delivers 100% availability and enables DNS requests to be resolved efficiently for protected domains. Our platform leverages on Nexusguard’s highly scalable, fully redundant and globally distributed DNS platform with sufficient capacity to absorb large DNS-based DDoS attacks while responding to legitimate user requests.

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  • DNS Protection Datasheet

    Nexusguard DNS Protection service protects mission-critical online services from all DNS attacks and malicious queries. The solution leverages Nexusguard’s globally distributed network of scrubbing centers to resolve incoming DNS queries quickly and reliably.

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  • DNSSEC: The Global Chain of Trust

    Often described as the Internet phonebook, DNS is fundamentally important to the Internet. DNS also inherits various design, implementation and configuration vulnerabilities.This paper explains what DNSSEC is, how it works, what its benefits are, how Nexusguard deploys DNSSEC and key management best practices.

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  • DDoS Mitigation

    This White Paper provides an overview of the common types of DDoS attacks, negative impact of DDoS attacks on business and operations as well as basic mitigation techniques. The document further presents Nexusguard’s integrated solution in countering DDoS attacks and other cyber threats, including our multi-layered mitigation technology, SSL attack mitigation methods, Web Application Firewall (WAF), content and networking optimization, as well as the Customer Portal.

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  • Smart Mode: DDoS Attack Detection Using Machine Learning

    The advances in artificial intelligence (AI) in recent years has given rise to the application of Machine Learning models to enhance DDoS attack detection. Nexusguard’s Smart Mode detection uses Machine Learning techniques to predict whether network traffic coming from a source is legitimate or part of a malicious DDoS attack.

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  • What Is A DNS Attack And Why Are They Dangerous?

    Though not strictly an attack against a DNS system, an amplification attack instead exploits DNS services to bolster DDoS attacks.

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