The Ultimate Defense Against Carpet Bombing DDoS Attacks for Network Providers

Nexusguard Bastions + Edge Protection

In today's ever-evolving threat landscape, staying one step ahead of malicious actors is crucial. At Nexusguard, we understand the urgency of protecting your network from Bit-and-Piece attacks, also known as Carpet Bombing attacks. Nexusguard’s True Hybrid Solution, which seamlessly combines our Bastions and Edge Protection Service is , the ultimate defense against this evolving threat. Our solution takes a holistic approach, employing multiple detection mechanisms and intelligently orchestrating various methods of mitigation.

This ultimate solution is purpose-built for large networks, including telcos and ISPs. By leveraging our globally distributed infrastructure, your network gains an off-site sandbox for traffic analysis, shaping, and attack mitigation. Our multi-layered detection and mitigation engine utilizes advanced Network Behavior Analysis (NBA) to thoroughly analyze traffic data, detect anomalies, and alert you to redirect traffic to our scrubbing cloud. This ensures that only clean traffic is sent back to your origin server, maximizing protection against potential threats.

What are Bastions

Bastions is a fully managed solution, empowering Communications Service Providers (ISPs) to deploy advanced cybersecurity capabilities on-premises or at edge locations. With carrier-grade hardware and proprietary technology, Bastions offers comprehensive hybrid cybersecurity services, including attack detection and mitigation. ISPs can provide co-branded Nexusguard Cloud Services locally while leveraging the security of the Nexusguard Cloud during global security events. Bastions is a trusted solution built on extensive experience in combating cyber threats.

What is Edge Protection?

Edge Protection is a cybersecurity solution that safeguards the internet uplinks and infrastructure of ISPs. It defends against various cyber attacks through advanced mitigation techniques, intelligent traffic diversion, and network traffic analysis. With a unified user interface and seamless connectivity, Edge Protection ensures reliable and secure network operations for ISPs.

Bits and Piece Attacks / Carpet Bombing Attacks a thing of the past for Internet Service Providers

Streamlined Protection Across Layers 3-7

Cost-Effective Global Terabit Scrubbing

Built-in Multi-Tenancy

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