Unlimited DDoS protection the new norm after Cloudflare announcement

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CSO Online


October 15, 2017

Some services or Internet service providers (ISPs) may not be able to cope if at attack continues for a long period of time. "When a particularly large and sustained attack threatens to exceed the 95th percentile, which is the way all ISPs bills for bandwidth, of the committed bandwidth, this cost will be passed on to the victim, or more simply, their service will be suspended," said Donny Chong, product director for Nexusguard Ltd.

Chong said that Nexusguard picks up the costs of any portion overage, "without the fine print. We believe that the nature of a DDoS protection service should be absolute," he said. "To do so with caveats and surprise fees defeats the principle of offering the service to the businesses that needs it in the first place."

The company's billing policy even applies to increases in regular business traffic. "Nexusguard's flat and un-metered service ensures no surprise overage bills, be it a DDoS attack or a seasonal surge in legitimate requests or DNS queries," said the CIO of an ecommerce company that uses Nexusguard for DDoS protection.

DDoS attacks have been in the news recently, most notably with the Mirai botnet attack that took down Dyn last fall. Attacks are getting larger and target companies of all sizes.