Q&A With Andy Ng – Nexusguard

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Safety Detectives


October 13, 2021

Safety Detectives: Please share your company background, how you got started, and your mission.

Nexusguard: Nexusguard was founded in 2008, at a time when customers did not have access to effective DDoS mitigation services that understood the requirements and environments unique to each business and company. Back then, the only companies that were providing DDoS mitigation services were basically using commercially available appliances to deliver managed services as a value-added service on top of their core offerings such as internet connectivity, hosting, or other infrastructure and platform services.

As a consumer of those DDoS protection services ourselves, we experienced the limitations of those services first hand. The effectiveness of the services was dependent on the capability of the appliance and of those that operated those appliances. Since updates were really manufacturer-driven, there tends to be a lag between what was needed to defend against the latest attacks versus the tools we had in hand. We eventually developed our own cloud platform to meet the requirements of our customers in a more timely manner.

Our vision is simple—to deliver comprehensive managed DDoS services powered by our purpose-built platform and Security Operations Center that addresses all the external threats that any business or organization will face. This will allow businesses to finally use the Internet the way it is meant to be used while concentrating on their core business functions.

Today, Nexusguard’s mission statement is clear—to simplify DDoS mitigation for our customers, regardless of their industries, via addressing the three key aspects of People, Process, and Technology.

SD: What is the main service your company offers?

Nexusguard: Nexusguard offers Managed DDoS protection service as a hybrid cloud offering as well as a pure cloud offering.

Our cloud-based managed DDoS protection is suitable for companies and entities looking for a total solution to their DDoS problems while introducing the last amount of overheads. Our cloud-based solutions are subcategorized into 3 services, that cover the full extent of exposure any company could be exposed to external threats.

- Application Protection provides comprehensive protection for web applications as well as other custom applications from all forms of external attacks including DDoS attacks as well as hacking attacks.
- Origin Protection protects the origin servers, appliances, and infrastructure that companies rely on to deliver their services and applications, from being taken down by DDoS attacks.
- DNS Protection protects a company’s domains, whether they are hosted or a name server, from attacks attempting to render a domain unresolvable, which could cause catastrophic impacts to its services.
Our Hybrid Managed DDoS Mitigation Platform is targeted at service providers that prefer a hands-on approach to the DDoS problem.

It is a true hybrid deployment of on-premise technology and the cloud provides seamless protection of our customer’s infrastructure with the combined benefits of having localized scrubbing capabilities for maximum performance, and the backing of the Nexusguard cloud for terabits-scale attacks.

The platform is designed to be multi-tenanted, with pre-productized services ready for consumption, service providers are now able to deliver new managed security services to their customers, completing their portfolio as a managed security service provider, and generating new revenue streams for their business.

SD: What is something unique that helps you stay ahead of your competition?

Nexusguard: Why so many service providers are choosing Nexusguard is primarily because we solve problems for them. The majority of CSPs do not offer or offer a limited set of Anti-DDoS services to their customers because the appliances are primarily designed for protecting a CSP’s network only.

Most do not have the resources to put in place a big team, a variety of appliances, and the global scrubbing centers to be in a position to offer their customers a comprehensive, effective anti-DDoS service.

We sat down and designed our Hybrid platform from the ground up to work easily NOT just in the protection of their network, but to be capable of allowing the CSP’s product team to productize cyber security offering that can be sold at a cost-competitive price across the SMB, mid and large enterprise segments. We’re a Cloud company offering a hybrid solution. We understand how to build clouds. Whereas many appliance vendors offer it as an afterthought. So from a technological product perspective, our offering is unique in how we leverage technology to address the problems that many of our CSPs have faced.

There’s a huge difference between offering a piece of technology, vs offering an outcome-based service. Nexusguard understands that because we are a service company and have always been focused on the DDoS protection market. We understand what the end-user needs from first-hand experience. And we take that and we convert that into capabilities that our customers can then use to deliver to their end-users.

Prior to 2018, we have foreseen the consolidation of the managed security services market and the pressures faced by service providers to innovate and expand their product portfolio, especially in the space of managed security services. Our development efforts have since then been focused on creating a platform aimed specifically at helping service providers transform their business and easily take new products and services to their customers. Just recently, we are starting to see other providers catch on, to provide similar offerings. Our sensitivity to the market and agility to adapt to the market has provided us with the much-needed edge over our competitors.

SD :Why do you think your customers love your company?

Nexusguard: Nexusguard lives and breathes everything DDoS, and has been doing so for the past 13 years. When it comes to DDoS and all things related, we are really passionate and always take the extra mile to help our customers overcome any challenges, even if sometimes it’s more network issues rather than actual DDoS attacks.

One of the most common commendations for our SOC team is for their attentiveness and dedication, which we believe is the cornerstone of any great service.

Another thing our customer’s technical users love us for is how we offer a single-pane glass, that puts together all the dashboard and tools across various disciplines makes it really easy for the SOC, or even just the NOC to operate.

The business teams that use our services simply love us because we take away all the pain associated with delivering the service. As part of our managed services, we provide full productization support from product, packaging, pricing, go to market and service design and delivery.

We think that the majority of our customers love us for making selling Anti-DDoS as simple and as painless as possible.

SD: What do you think are the worst cyberthreats today?

Nexusguard: In the era of the pandemic, Internet connectivity has skyrocketed. The reliance on Internet availability is now more critical than ever. This also gave rise to criminals that threatened, or held ransom, that availability. In our last annual DDoS report, we recorded a Year-on-Year increase in DDoS attacks of 369% since the pandemic started. And these attacks are almost always part of a larger, more destructive attack campaign. DDoS attacks need to be nipped in the bud early, to allow other attacks to further exacerbate.

SD: Can you tell me about your Nexusguard Platform?

Nexusguard: Our platform is fully proprietary, and is purpose-built for the mission of helping our customers not just fight against DDoS attacks, but also the ability to create and capture new markets and deliver value to its users in the form of fully productized security-as-a-service.

As a cloud provider offering a true hybrid offering that operates as an extension of our cloud, we are consistently updating our platform with new features, applications, and capabilities. All our customers have unconditional access to all these new additions because they are part of the Nexusguard ecosystem, not gated behind license paywalls that the CSPs find themselves often locked into with typical appliance-type purchases.