Cybersecurity Needs to be Inherent for Communications Service Providers – SEA Digital Week

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December 20, 2023

At the recent Digital Week: Southeast Asia virtual event hosted by W. Media, Donny Chong, Product Director, Nexusguard, spoke about the rising severity of DDoS attacks, as part of his presentation titled, “Cybersecurity Outlook in ASEAN 2021 and Beyond”.

“As internet infrastructure continues to be upgraded, more contents are to be served and consumed. So, we’ll see multi-hundred gigabit attacks becoming a regular thing. Then with the implementation of new infrastructures, like 5G networks, it is inevitable that we will see even larger attacks”, explained Donny, comparing his statement to how we are talking about terabit attacks as normal today.

Communications Services Providers (CSPs) are among the most affected by this advancement in attacks, he added, as they are handling data from a huge amount of customers that they have to protect. In the APAC, Donny said this is even more complicated as CSPs in the region are characterised by many small service providers and carriers, instead of only one or two.

According to him, from a technical perspective, this makes internet routing much more complex and challenging. CSPs in APAC also have to consider various factors when trying to deliver a solution to protect themselves and their customers while keeping their costs low from a marketing perspective.

Such factors include laws or regulations that restrict CSPs to keep internet traffic within their own country’s borders. “For example, in Thailand, CSPs are no longer able to extend their service out to the customers in Vietnam because of obvious [regulatory] issues, especially when it comes to industries with much more sensitive data”, added Donny.

As they continue to improve their services, however, Donny said that CSPs tend not to get involved in security applications related services. This is because cybersecurity is an entirely different domain that requires a different set of skills and resources from a different team, resulting in CSPs being hesitant about it.

Donny said that this mindset among CSPs should be removed, as customers are now expecting their data to be secured by default in the midst of rising attacks in today’s digital landscape. He added that a cybersecurity platform should now belong to the core offering of CSPs to keep up with this trend for their customers and themselves.

Nexusguard can provide such solutions to CSPs to really leverage their MSS within their IT landscape. In his talk, Donny said that Nexusguard is the first MSS Provider focused on DDoS for network operators and providers to:

- Protect their and their customers’ network infrastructure.
- Launch new value-added services that strengthen their brand and position in the market.
- Incorporate people, process and technology.
- Enhance speed to market.

With Nexusguard, Donny said that organisations can stay relevant and strategic, alleviate pressure on revenues and margin on new product development, grow their business and realise higher service qualities while avoiding collateral damage to brand reputation.

“CSPs are now starting to build up Managed Security Services (MSS) to differentiate themselves and stay relevant and, of course, ultimately to protect the revenue and to grow their company. Such services need to be a part of your entire design”, ended Donny.