1 Dec - 3 Dec 2021
The rise of Northern Virginia’s data center boom has continued largely unencumbered by a pandemic or a global supply chain shortage, with the region outpacing absorption levels by 7:1 in comparison to the second most active market in the country. It is little surprise that a flood of investment into cloud-friendly, interconnection-rich facilities and a gradual ‘opening up’ of the world has spurred on multi-MW builds this year, though the landlords of digital infrastructure will need to a route to balance uncharted demand with profitable supply and green operation as they journey towards a net-zero future. Broadcasting on December 1-3, DCD>Virginia will bring together the major players from the global colocation data center ecosystem to discuss the future in-front of and with an anticipated audience of more than 2,000 professionals. Join us to explore the future hold for colocation in a cloud-first world.
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