CybersecAsia Award-Winners Virtual Fireside Chat 2022

23 Nov 2022
To say that 2022 has been an eventful year for cybersecurity would be an understatement. From financial and e-commerce fraud to state-sponsored cyber-attacks, from ransomware to supply-chain disruptions – bad actors have applied every available weapon in their cybercriminal arsenal to monetize every vulnerability!

Lucrative as cybercrime has proven to be, despite our best efforts investing in cybersecurity awareness and solutions, we can expect such cyber-threats to persist – and continue to escalate in volume and sophistication – as we usher in the New Year 2023. But in what form or vector will these threats appear? And what can we learn from 2022 to help us prepare for the onslaught? How should we prepare for security in the metaverse of mixed reality looming in our near future?

CybersecAsia has brought together thought leaders from 4 Hall of Fame winners and a Rising Star winner of the 2022 CybersecAsia Readers’ Choice Awards for an exciting and insightful discussion of these questions and more. ​​Join us as we look back at the cybersecurity trends and developments in 2022, and look ahead at the cyber-threat landscape in 2023.