PPTEL entrusts Nexusguard to protect network in Sarawak

“Nexusguard has strong regional provisioning and support teams in Asia Pacific to execute deployment and troubleshoot issues should they occur. We have the peace of mind of knowing that our clients and we are always covered.” Jonathan Smith, CEO, PPTELECOM


Leveraging its submarine cable deployment, Malaysia’s PP Telecommunications (PPTEL) plays a key role in supporting the digital transformation of Sarawak, by giving the region faster, more stable internet access. But with this increased connectivity comes heightened vulnerability to DDoS attacks. That’s why it counts on Nexusguard for its comprehensive DDoS protection solution to secure its tenant networks, especially those of the Sarawak government, backed by Nexusguard’s 99.99% uptime guarantee and managed incident response services.

Strong cybersecurity strategy required to protect government networks

In early 2020, PPTEL began to look for a DDoS mitigation partner experienced in protecting government agencies and public organizations to address their challenges. At the PTC conference held in Hawaii in 2020, PPTEL executives met Nexusguard’s team. During the communication process with PPTEL, Nexusguard demonstrated that the company’s cybersecurity platform and processes exceed the strictest compliance requirements. The deployment of its versatile ‘cloud-in-a-box’ solution, MX7000, was proposed to deliver fully scalable yet highly customizable protection against evolving DDoS attacks and web threats in a simple-to-set up solution. In 2021, PPTEL formally entered into a partnership with Nexusguard, which would turn PPTEL into a managed security service provider (MSSP) to protect customers against DDoS threats.

Simplifying DDoS with Nexusguard

Nexusguard provides a managed service that eliminates the need for a costly in-house team or working with a local SI by integrating the right people, process and technology for CSP partners.

• Scalable, cost-effective solution for growing CSPs 
Nexusguard proposed to deploy the MX7000 Mitigation Platform on the edge of PPTEL’s network. Large volumetric attacks that exceed the CSP’s local dedicated capacity are automatically diverted to Nexusguard’s multi-terabit cloud infrastructure.This solution eliminates the need for investing in and maintaining on-premise hardware.

pptel case study diagram 2

• Trusted by governments
Nexusguard’s cybersecurity platform can be adapted to meet the needs of government agencies that are being served by PPTEL, especially their mission-critical services.

• Addressing data sovereignty concerns
At request, Nexusguard’s platform allows local traffic to be cleaned within the jurisdiction and international traffic to be cleaned at other Nexusguard scrubbing centers.

• CleanPipe made perfect
For PPTEL, one key benefit is the ability to immediately generate return on investments and capture new revenue streams by extending Nexusguard’s DDoS mitigation services packaged as PPTEL’s ‘CleanPipe’ offering to their downstream clients that require uptime protection against attacks.

•Designed to expedite time to market
Nexusguard provides enablement training and continuous support for sales, provisioning and troubleshooting as part of the partner support services. This ensures that PPTEL’s team has all the tools, product knowledge and expertise to offer, deliver and support enterprise-grade DDoS mitigation services (CleanPipe) confidently to clients in as little as 60 days.

• 24x7 Security Operations Center (SOC)
By leveraging Nexusguard’s extensive team of DDoS experts and SOC solutions and infrastructure, PPTEL will realize huge savings over performing SOC services themselves.