SNOC Leverages Nexusguard Technology to Stop Complex DDoS Attacks

Offering its customers the country’s first hybrid DDoS mitigation service from the industry’s top provider gives Thailand’s leading MSSP a strong competitive edge.


Growing Demand for DDoS Protection Leads to Nexusguard Partner Program

Secure Network Operation Center (SNOC), a key player in Thailand’s hotly competitve security marketplace, saw its customers falling victim to increasingly sophisticated DDoS attacks. Its customers, in turn, asked for better protection. So SNOC turned to Nexusguard Partner Program to fortify its own infrastructure and provide a powerful platform for customer protection.

Mobile Apps Make for a Popular Target

One customer in particular drove SNOC’s decision for incorporating Nexusguard’s advanced DDoS mitigation technologies into its managed security services portfolio. A fast-growing movie ticketing company was on track to become a market leader — until it faced a series of severe attacks that threatened to slow its growth with frequent and frustrating service interruptions. Hosted in SNOC’s datacenter, the online ticketing site was a big hit with customers, and especially popular were its iOS and Android mobile apps.

The Search Begins for a Better Solution

As the threat became more complicated, included volumetric, application, and mixed DDoS attacks, the ticketing company looked for help. An appliance was considered, yet, since appliance protection isn’t compatible with the company’s mobile apps and the attack size usually exceeded appliance capacity, that option didn’t make the cut. What’s more, an anti-DDoS appliance is not extensible enough to accommodate growth, ongoing management is a labor-intensive, 24/7 job, and licensing fees for upgrades make it a costly option. So the online business called on its hosting partner, SNOC, for a better idea.

SNOC Selects Nexusguard’s Hybrid Mitigation Solution

SNOC’s quest to ensure better security lead it to Nexusguard — the industry’s leading DDoS mitigation provider. As a partner in the Nexusguard program, SNOC was able to incorporate Nexusguard’s anti-DDoS on-premise and cloud technolgies into its managed security offerings, which means it can now provide its customers with powerful, compatible, and surprisingly affordable protection:

How Nexusguard Mitigates Real-World Attacks of All Sizes

In addition to allowing SNOC to deploy Nexusguard’s proprietary technology in its infrastructure, the Service Provider program lets the MSSP leverage Nexusguard’s industry-leading global scrubbing network. In the event of a low-capacity attack, the local, on-premise platform kicks in, effectively mitigating and cleansing traffic — without routing any of it out SNOC’s network. And when attacks overwhelm SNOC’s local capacity, such as those that hit the online movie site, Nexusguard’s 1.28Tb cloud automatically activates, tackling volumetric and application attacks with ease.

Big Benefits for Partners, too — Without Any Upfront Cost!

By adding Nexusguard’s hybrid technologies into its mix, SNOC now delivers better protection for its customers. But that’s not all. By providing feature-rich, high-performance mitigation, SNOC also generates incremental income and gets a big competitive boost — all from a low-CAPEX investment that delivers a rapid ROI.

As Visrut Manunpon, SNOC’s CTO, noted, “Nexusguard Partner Program has created a huge revenue-generating stream for us, and allowed us to become the most competitive MSSP in the country. The innovative advantages extend from SNOC to our customers and onto their end-users. And everybody is very satisfied.”

Going forward, SNOC continues to see great success with Nexusguard. So far, the regional provider has delivered DDoS protection to a wide variety of customers, ranging from government agencies and ecommerce organizations to entertainment and manufacturing companies.