So-net leverages the partnership with Nexusguard to protect its infrastructure while extending Nexusguard's DDoS protection services to its customers

“So-net is dedicated to providing superior network services to enterprise clients. In the face of increasing cyber threats, we are pleased to work with Nexusguard to strengthen and upgrade our cybersecurity deployments. Clients and end-users can rely on our stable, seamless network environment to focus on what matters most to them.” Hiroshi Nagata,
Chairman and CEO, So-net Entertainment Taiwan


So-net Entertainment Taiwan, a subsidiary of Sony Network Communications Inc., partners with Nexusguard to ensure 24x7 access to popular mobile games.


Servers hosting mission-critical gaming services are very often a target of DDoS attacks owing to substantial commercial interests. As a result, it is of utmost importance for gaming hosting platforms to be seamlessly protected against frequent, massive DDoS threats.

So-net Entertainment Taiwan, a subsidiary of Sony Network Communications Inc., hosts a collection of popular mobile games. Prior to turning to Nexusguard, So-net had been using another hardware-based DDoS mitigation vendor. They voiced frustration over the lack of timely response and technical support from the vendor.


Towards the end of the contract with the appliance vendor, So-net started reviewing offers from a range of security vendors. The selection process saw Nexusguard rapidly emerge as a frontrunner thanks to the responsive SOC and technical support rendered. During the trial period, Nexusguard managed to mitigate a 80 gigabits per second (Gbps) attack.

In addition, Nexusguard supports a private and public cloud scrubbing with the deployment of MX7000, enabling the company to perform in-cloud scrubbing and offload traffic spikes to the global cloud of Nexusguard. The deployment of the "cloud-in-a-box" solution in its own environment provides capabilities to detect and block DDoS traffic with better granularity, visibility and control. Most importantly, this gives the partner the peace of mind over data sovereignty and compliance issues.

As a partner of Nexusguard under the Transformational Partner Program (TAP), So-net is further entitled to marketing and reselling the full suite of DDoS protection products to its customers, including: Application Protection (AP) to protect public facing sites and services; Origin Protection (OP) to protect large networks; DNS Protection (DP) to protect DNS service; and CleanPipe to other downstream service providers.

Overall, So-net is pleased with the substantially improved visibility and control as well as more timely, responsive and resourceful SOC and technical support provided by the Nexusguard team as compared to before. The unique combination of DDoS protection for L3/4, L7 and DNS services enables the most secure, uninterrupted access to the mobile games hosted on their platform.