Maximizing your chances of success, without the risks

ISPs understand the strategic importance of the need to offer anti-DDoS protection to their customers as well as protecting their own infrastructure. However, starting and maintaining such service is expensive and challenging. Our TAP100 program is a proven offering that gives you the essentials to start delivering a world-class solution that works for your customers in a span of 90 days, reducing total-costs of ownership on technology, operation and go-to-market, so you can focus on your customers and business.


Zero capital expenditure required. Zero financial risk.

Our synchronous hybrid Managed DDoS Mitigation Platform (MDMP) is CapEx-free. All that’s left for you to provide is hosting, connectivity and the entrepreneurship of your business team. Click here to learn more about our MDMP.

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Immediate return on investments on pre-productized managed security services.

Productization of new services can be complex and may be impossible for new entrants, but we’ve got you covered. Our program comes with more than 10 pre-productized managed security services that your customers will need, straight out of the box!


Hit the ground running with our comprehensive go-to market support for your business team.

Your existing customer base is your biggest asset, and yields the highest potential for business growth. We want you to be successful so that we can be. We provide training, research papers, go-to-market kits and more to enable your sales and marketing team to start selling successfully right from day 1.


Support, processes, operational readiness - we’ve got you covered!

Our fully-managed offerings takes pressure away from your organization so that you can focus on what you do best.

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Frequently asked questions

  • Is this program suitable for ISPs like us who have no idea how to run an anti-DDoS business?

    Yes, our program will provide everything you require to operate and deliver a professionally managed DDoS security service, including the necessary operation, business support, and continuous training.

  • We already have an anti-DDoS service, but we need to renew our boxes. Does this program help with that too?

    Yes. The entire provisioning and onboarding process will be led by Nexusguard’s specialized team, so that you can deliver a suite of managed cybersecurity services to your customers within 90 days, hassle-free.

  • We already have anti-DDoS boxes to protect our networks. Will this program be suitable for us?

    Yes. Our fully managed ddos mitigation program will serve your customers while your anti ddos boxes continue to serve their purpose in protecting your network.