September 29, 2022

Nexusguard Extended Cloud Protection capability delivers increased flexibility for DDoS protection solutions

As introduced in our Network Protection Blog post, Nexusguard’s proprietary Bastions services, comprising Bastions servers MX7000 and R650, is designed specifically to protect local communications service providers (CSPs). Through the Bastions servers, Nexusguard provides always-on on premise L3/L4 DDoS detection and mitigation, as well as a Clean Pipe solution to protect local downstream infrastructure networks from cyber threats. In addition to a growing array of cloud-based DDoS mitigation solutions, Nexusguard adds additional flexibility by delivering a full suite of services including Application Protection, Origin Protection, DNS Protection and Edge Protection via a Bastions PoP to customers through its Extended Cloud Protection capability.



  • “Nexusguard Cloud” refers to all the Nexusguard owned PoPs, and does not involve any hardware from Customers.
  • “Bastions servers” purchased by Customers implies that both Bastions hardware and Bastions services are required to be purchased.
  • Nexusguard Extended Cloud refers to the Nexusguard Cloud + Partner PoP (Bastions PoP).

Figure 1 - Nexusguard Services


Nexusguard Extended Cloud Protection


Application Protection, Origin Protection and DNS Protection are the primary cloud services delivered through Nexusguard Cloud. Through the Bastions server MX7000, partner CSPs can also deliver Application Protection, Origin Protection and DNS Protection via a Bastions PoP to their customers locally as an extension to the Nexusguard Cloud.


Bastions server MX7000 services are replicated in the Bastions server R650 with the exception of Application Protection and DNS Protection to achieve a smaller footprint. Nonetheless, for clients wishing expand or complement their existing offerings by adding Application Protection and DNS Protection, these services are available for subscription via the Nexusguard Cloud or mega PoPs with MX7000 deployments. 


The Bastions server R650 is still classed as a Bastions PoP, albeit delivering namely Origin Protection, Network Protection and Clean Pipe service to customers - this is the main difference between the R650 and MX7000 Bastions servers in terms of the services they provide. 



Salient Features and Solution Benefits

  • Partner CSPs can offer a cloud service that utilizes Nexusguard’s Cloud and extended PoP mitigation capacity to deliver DDoS protection to their customers
  • Mitigates attacks close to their source, thereby optimizing user experience 
  • Stops DDoS attacks close to user, providing optimum protection for their network and business 
  • Enables consistent uptime connections and high availability
  • Guaranteed 24x7 availability keeping users connected to websites and applications


Whether you’re looking for 24x7 complete managed security or specialist advice, Nexusguard offers a range of DDoS protection services designed to protect your business, detect threats and respond to cyber incidents on your behalf. Contact us to learn more.





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