July 28, 2022

Nexusguard adds Network Protection to deliver increased protection for Local Communications Service Provider Infrastructures

Business relies on connectivity from Communications Service Providers (CSPs) to continue delivering their services to customers. Ensuring always-on network availability is a vital component for the timely delivery of goods and services. Many essential services, including finance, commerce and healthcare are dependent upon the availability and security of their network day in day out.

Without DDoS protection in place, cyber attacks can quickly take down networks, significantly impacting end users. For network availability, it is essential to have DDoS protection in place in order to maintain business productivity.



Nexusguard Bastions Services


Nexusguard Bastions services are on-premise DDoS solutions deployed at the very edge of CSP partner networks to protect against the full spectrum of modern DDoS attacks.

Manufactured by one of the world’s leading technology companies, the Bastions family, comprising MX7000 and R650 servers, are full-featured enterprise servers, incorporating Nexusguard’s proprietary technologies and processes honed over 14 years in the cybersecurity industry.

Downstream customers of partner CSP networks connected to Nexusguard’s Bastions services who have subscribed to Nexusguard’s Clean Pipe (CP) service enjoy full protection against cyber threats through Nexusguard Bastions servers.


Nexusguard Network Protection


Inbound traffic during a DDoS attack can severely compromise a CSP’s infrastructure or its upstream bandwidth, impacting both the availability and overall service quality of the CSP. Designed and built specifically to protect the local network infrastructure of partner CSPs, Nexusguard’s Network Protection (NP) nullifies the threat of attack traffic attempting to flood the network by maximizing network availability, thereby reducing congestion caused by the attack.

Nexusguard Network Protection is purpose built to mitigate all forms of L3/4 attacks that aim to inundate networks of partner CSPs. In the event that attacks threaten to saturate local capacities, scrubbing kicks in at the local Bastions PoP, instantly suppressing local attacks close to their source, while returning clean traffic to the partner CSP’s network via local routing through the on-premise Bastions servers.



Figure 1 - Nexusguard Network Protection



Salient Features and Solution Benefits


  • - Maximizes network availability and prevents congestion to CSP backbones due to volumetric attacks
  • - Ensures network quality is not degraded within CSP backbone
  • - Lowers operating costs by reducing the number of switchovers to cloud protection
  • - Provides protection for all registered IP prefixes
  • - Auto-mitigation offload supported by in-house Security Operations Centre (SOC)

Whether you’re looking for 24x7 complete managed security or specialist advice, Nexusguard offers a range of DDoS protection services designed to protect your business, detect threats and respond to cyber incidents on your behalf. Contact us to learn more.


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