Thanks to Hactl’s COSAC-Plus System and Nexusguard DDoS Protection, Air Cargo Moves Smoothly through Hong Kong International Airport

“Downtime caused by Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks can disrupt business operations significantly and cause irreversible damage to our reputation as a world-class air cargo terminal operator. We selected Nexusguard as our anti-DDoS service provider because of its commitment to delivering 100% uptime, as well as its deployment flexibility, expert advice, and local support.”

Airlines, freight forwarders, and shippers worldwide rely on Hactl — a major air cargo terminal operator at Hong Kong International Airport — to keep their shipments on track. Hactl makes it easy via COSAC-Plus, its third-generation air cargo management system that enables real-time tracking, documentation processing, and customs clearance via the web and its mobile apps. 

A Proactive Approach to Tackling Cyber Threats

As COSAC-Plus is mission critical, Hactl works hard to ensure a high level of system availability. Knowing that cyber threats are constantly evolving, the company realized that proactive measures needed to be taken to bolster the resilience and availability of their IT infrastructure. Consequently, Hactl decided to pursue a broad-based solution that could protect its entire IT infrastructure from DDoS attacks.

In Search of an Enterprise-grade Solution

Over the course of the search for a DDoS protection service vendor, Hactl knew that only an enterprise-grade solution positioned to deliver comprehensive, customized and clientcentric services would meet its requirements. Hactl also looked for in-depth consulting, testing and fine-tuning services that could be delivered by a local team of experts. With Nexusguard, that’s exactly what they got.

Hactl relies on Nexusguard’s integrated, managed solutions — delivered promptly via a collaborative process that exceeds its expectations — to protect IT operations from DDoS attacks. Nexusguard’s solution stands out for its transparency. Through Nexusguard’s Customer Portal with its intuitive dashboards and infographics, Hactl can view real-time traffic, ongoing and historic attacks, potential threats, and useful analytics. Additionally, Nexusguard’s data centers are PCI DSS compliant, so the processing, storing, and transmission of sensitive data is handled with maximum security.

Customization, the Name of the Game in Cybersecurity

Hactl needed to ensure uninterrupted access to COSAC-Plus, so Nexusguard’s Origin Protection solution was an obvious fit. Prior to implementation, Nexusguard’s Provisioning and Account Service teams collaborated to identify Hactl’s essential requirements and then thoroughly briefed Hactl’s team on the provisioning process.

As Hactl’s business operations run 24/7, the window for testing was quite small. After identifying critical areas, Nexusguard was able to carry out configuration, implementation, and testing within the tight timeframe requirements. Finetuning to ensure optimum traffic flow was then conducted within hours over the course of a few pre-assigned dates. Throughout the process, Nexusguard monitored progress closely to ensure timely service delivery. Once provisioning was completed, Customer Service briefed Hactl on ongoing operations.

Without the need to invest in any additional hardware or skilled personnel, Nexusguard’s cloud-based DDoS mitigation platform was soon fully integrated into Hactl’s infrastructure. Hactl’s applications and infrastructure, including its COSAC-Plus and backend systems, are now completely protected from volumetric/application-level attacks and other types of hacks. Beyond automated security, Nexusguard’s Origin Protection has also vastly enhanced Hactl’s ability to analyze crucial traffic data and understand global traffic-flow patterns.