February 16, 2024

Redefining CSPs’ Internet Uplink: Maximizing Availability with Nexusguard Edge Protection

A Holistic Approach to safeguarding CSP Networks

The integration of on-premise and cloud protection has become a common practice in the industry. Many on-premise companies opt to acquire or collaborate with cloud providers to create a "hybrid" solution. However, in reality, these solutions are often treated as two separate entities bundled together as one product. Consequently, users experience a fragmented service due to the involvement of distinct teams, varying dashboards and reporting mechanisms, and different escalation processes.

Nexusguard's Edge Protection service revolutionizes this landscape by presenting a truly integrated and cohesive user experience. Our solution bridges the gap between on-premise and cloud protection, providing seamless cohesion and eliminating the disjointedness typically encountered. By leveraging the Nexusguard Cloud and Bastions servers, Communications Service Providers (CSPs) experience an instantaneous boost in their local mitigation capacity, enhancing their ability to counteract threats effectively.

CSPs equipped with Nexusguard Bastions are the primary beneficiaries of the advantages provided by the Nexusguard Edge Protection service. Through this service, CSP partners can significantly elevate the security and performance of their Internet uplink, resulting in a seamless and uninterrupted connectivity experience, bolstering the delivery of reliable and high-quality services to their customers.

Moreover, the Nexusguard Edge Protection service enhances network security by effectively diverting the risk associated with DDoS attacks to the cloud infrastructure. By transferring attack mitigation responsibilities to Nexusguard, CSP partners can prioritize their core business operations, confident in the knowledge that their network's security and availability are fortified against potential threats.

Nexusguard Edge Protection Service Scope 

Nexusguard's Edge Protection service offers a holistic and robust defense mechanism, safeguarding IPv4 network addresses against a wide range of volumetric and protocol-based DDoS attacks. These include but are not limited to UDP, ICMP, and SYN floods. With the primary objective of ensuring uninterrupted connectivity and protecting critical online operations, Nexusguard's Edge Protection stands as a formidable defense against malicious threats, empowering CSP partners to maintain a secure and reliable digital presence.

To effectively tackle the challenges posed by substantial volumes of attack traffic that congest the uplink Internet connection of partner CSPs, Nexusguard Edge Protection employs a powerful combination of Nexusguard Cloud, Cloud Diversion and Bastions, ensuring thorough inspection and cleansing of incoming traffic, effectively diverting any harmful elements away from CSP partners’ networks. This strategic approach not only enhances the protection of the partner CSP's infrastructure but also safeguards Nexusguard's Bastion servers from potential attacks that could overwhelm the partner CSP's capacity.

When an attack emerges that poses a threat to saturate the local CSP scrubbing capacity, Nexusguard's Edge Protection assumes the responsibility of safeguarding the partner CSP's uplink. The scrubbing process occurs within the Nexusguard scrubbing cloud, rapidly terminating attacks near their source. Meanwhile, clean traffic is seamlessly routed back to the destination network through a GRE tunnel facilitated by the local Bastions deployment.

Figure 1 - Nexusguard’s Edge Protection

From the continuous analysis of traffic patterns to proactive alerting systems that notify CSP partners of potential attacks, and from the seamless redirection of traffic to the scrubbing process and subsequent delivery of clean traffic, Nexusguard's Edge Protection delivers a unified user experience. This is accomplished through a sophisticated and unified dashboard that seamlessly integrates intricate integrations, detection and mitigation tools, and visually presents a multitude of metrics, indicators, and statuses. As a result, a comprehensive and holistic view of the cybersecurity posture is effortlessly generated within a single pane of glass, simplifying the monitoring and management of security measures.

Figure 2 - Nexusguard Integrated Dashboard

The Transformative Impact of Nexusguard’s Edge Protection

  1. Instantly Boosted Mitigation Capacity
    With Edge Protection, the mitigation capacity of Bastion Points of Presence (PoPs) is seamlessly amplified within the cloud infrastructure. This immediate scalability ensures the resilience of the network, enabling it to effectively handle volumetric DDoS attacks without imposing excessive demands on the infrastructure.
  2. Optimized Resource Utilization
    Leveraging Edge Protection optimizes resource utilization by eliminating wasteful bandwidth consumption on attacks. By delegating attack mitigation responsibilities to Nexusguard, CSP partners can allocate their valuable resources towards revenue-generating traffic, ensuring maximum efficiency and productivity. This strategic allocation safeguards the network's security and availability, allowing CSP partners to focus on activities that drive revenue and growth.
  3. Cloud Diversion App for Effortless Traffic Management
    The innovative Cloud Diversion app simplifies and automates the process of traffic diversion. By seamlessly redirecting malicious traffic to dedicated scrubbing centers, the network remains shielded from attacks, ensuring uninterrupted service delivery to customers.
  4. Diverted Attack Risk
    Edge Protection effectively diverts the risk associated with DDoS attacks to the cloud infrastructure. By entrusting the responsibility of attack mitigation to Nexusguard, CSPs can focus on their core business operations without compromising the security and availability of the network.
  5. Enhanced Transparency of Attack Events
    The Nexusguard portal offers a comprehensive view of the status of attack events, providing improved transparency and insights into ongoing attacks. This real-time visibility empowers CSPs to make informed decisions, respond promptly, and implement necessary measures to safeguard their network.

Nexusguard's Edge Protection service is tailored to meet the unique needs of modern CSPs, enabling organizations to focus on strategic initiatives rather than constantly firefighting security incidents. Embrace the benefits of a comprehensive and integrated solution that fortifies networks against threats while enhancing the user experience, establishing new benchmarks for network security in the digital era.

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