November 18, 2019

Up your game

Faced with more intense competitions and evolving cyber threats, local and regional communications service providers (CSPs) are fighting an uphill battle. On the external front they now have to compete with global cloud platforms. Confining themselves to traditional business models such as fixed line business is not sustainable, let alone staying competitive.


Internally, their core infrastructure and resources they use to serve customers present an obvious target for attackers. While compared to other industries CSPs are expected to be able to handle cyberattacks especially DDoS attacks, the reality is that many CSPs lack the expertise, experience and resources to adequately address the threats. This mismatch of expectations and actual capabilities amplify potential reputational risks and impacts.


Therefore, regional and local CSPs such as telcos and ISPs face particular cybersecurity risks due to their large attack surface but lack of access to DDoS mitigation expertise. They not only need to level up their proactive defence and cybersecurity response strategy but, in order to stay competitive and at the same time move up the value chain, also have to find ways to offer DDoS protection services to their customers.


DDoS mitigation as a service represents an attractive market for CSPs. But building out this service offering is costly, time-consuming, and without the expertise and experience, could be a mission impossible. They also find that securing the resources and expertise to investigate the thousands of incident alerts by legacy security devices (that are not designed to handle DDoS attacks) is a daunting task. 


To turn DDoS pains into gains, our Transformational Alliance Partner (TAP) program enables CSPs to roll out, or augment their security offerings commonly with CleanPipe and other managed DDoS mitigation services to help protect their customers against DDoS attacks while protecting their core infrastructure. 


On joining the TAP program, the CSP is able to deliver DDoS protection services quickly in as little as 30 days. Our comprehensive mitigation platform is architected to protect networks and customers’ public-facing resources from volumetric L3/L4 and more complex L7 attacks.


Depending on the network capacity and scope of protection required, our solutions can be deployed as pure-Nexusguard cloud, Nexusguard cloud+private cloud, cloud-in-a-box, or integrated into the existing deployment. TAP partners will have access to the multi-tenant provider portal to manage customer subscriptions, perform onboarding, configure security policies and monitor their own and their customers’ networks.


Most important, the TAP program is differentiated by the fact that partners are instantly empowered with the people, processes and technology they could not obtain otherwise in order to deliver advanced DDoS protection as a service. The people, processes and technology advantages include:


  • People: technical and go-to-market enablement trainings, global network of shared experience, self-service knowledge base, etc.
  • Processes: Cyber defences and mitigation methodology; 24x7 SOC monitoring, evaluation, analytics and incident response; operational support, etc.
  • Technology: Proprietary DDoS mitigation technologies; global offload; seamless integration, etc.


We also believe that flexibility and customization are two of the many drivers that can help our partners successfully roll out their DDoS mitigation services. Depending on what the CSP needs, our solutions can be implemented as self managed models or a fully managed one or somewhere in between.


For CSPs without an SOC but would like to have one, our SOC consultation services help them with putting the right people, processes and technology together needed to build a fully fledged 24x7 SOC. This gives the CSP the ability to detect threats through persistent traffic monitoring and identify and handle DDoS attacks once they emerge.


Partner benefits

  • Offer one-stop DDoS mitigation as a service or integrating it into existing CleanPipe service.
  • Generate new revenue by up-/cross-selling to existing customers.
  • Differentiate the brand and stay ahead of the game.
  • Gain granular visibility into malicious and attack activities.
  • Counter emerging threats and make informed decisions.
  • Future-proof business for an ever-evolving cyberthreat landscape.
  • Minimize collateral damage risks.
  • Provision services faster to customers, meaning faster turnaround.
  • Reduce operational disruption and downtime.
  • Leverage traffic visibility to better understand customers.
  • Access to Nexusguard’s cybersecurity intelligence. 
  • Upskill existing employees in cybersecurity.

For more information on becoming a partner of the TAP program, visit

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