February 27, 2024

Safeguarding the Integrity of CSPs’ Local Network Backbone with Nexusguard Network Protection

Tailored to the unique requirements of Communications Service Providers (CSPs), Nexusguard offers a specialized Network Protection solution. With the backing of Nexusguard's Managed Services, CSPs can seamlessly manage and deliver this solution through their network infrastructure, ensuring first-rate performance, security, and operational excellence.

CSPs that have deployed Nexusguard Bastions on-premises are the primary beneficiaries of this solution, reaping significant advantages from its comprehensive features and capabilities. This professional-grade solution provides CSPs with the necessary tools, expertise, and support to proactively identify and neutralize potential security vulnerabilities, effectively safeguarding their network infrastructure from all manner of DDoS attacks, both volumetric and protocol-based. 

Objectives of Nexusguard Network Protection

  • The primary goals of Nexusguard Network Protection center around maximizing the availability and quality of the CSP’s network backbone, while effectively mitigating the impact of DDoS attacks. 
  • Nexusguard Network Protection is engineered to uphold exceptional network quality within the CSP's backbone infrastructure. 
  • A pivotal objective of Nexusguard Network Protection is to minimize the operational costs associated with switching to cloud-based protection.
  • Nexusguard Network Protection places paramount importance on comprehensive attack mitigation. The solution ensures that there are no compromises in network availability, even for attacks that may not be covered by cloud protection measures. 

Assumptions for Smooth Enablement of Network Protection Solution

To ensure seamless enablement of the Network Protection solution, the following key assumptions are taken into consideration:

  1. Focus on CSP Backbone
    The policy of Nexusguard Network Protection is specifically designed to prioritize the availability and resilience of the CSP’s local backbone network.
  2. Bastions Server Deployment
    Achieving successful implementation of Network Protection relies on deploying an on-premise Bastions server that plays a crucial role in bolstering the CSP's network against malicious attacks. However, it is important to recognize that the smooth delivery of the CSP's services is contingent upon the availability of sufficient Internet bandwidth within its backbone infrastructure. This ensures that the Bastions server can effectively perform its designated functions in the event of an attack, while also enabling the successful delivery of the Clean Pipe service.
  3. Multi-layered Defense Approach
    Clean Pipe serves as a highly efficient and precise solution, offering targeted protection to downstream clients of CSPs. With its customizable features, Clean Pipe effectively mitigates a wide array of threats, thereby safeguarding the integrity and availability of client networks. By tailoring protection measures to meet the unique requirements of each client, Clean Pipe provides an optimized and personalized defense mechanism, ensuring robust security.

    Network Protection, on the other hand, places a primary focus on fortifying the CSP's own infrastructure. Network Protection encompasses a comprehensive suite of protective measures, including robust network monitoring, proactive threat detection, and advanced mitigation techniques. These measures collectively reinforce the resilience of the CSP's infrastructure, enabling both the seamless execution of daily operations and uninterrupted delivery of the Clean Pipe service.

    Together, Clean Pipe and Network Protection establish a multi-layered defense strategy, forming an impregnable barrier against a wide range of threats. While Clean Pipe caters to the specific protection needs of downstream clients, Network Protection guarantees the reliable and continuous delivery of the CSP’s daily operations as well as the successful delivery of the Clean Pipe service. This strategic approach is driven not only by commercial considerations but also by the need to address management complexities, scalability requirements, and operational challenges associated with protecting a diverse ecosystem.
  4. Comprehensive IP Prefix Registration 
    To establish robust and all-encompassing protection, it is imperative to register all IP prefixes that may traverse the CSP's backbone. This crucial step allows Nexusguard Network Protection to actively monitor and efficiently mitigate potential threats throughout the entire network ecosystem.

CSP Network Protection Scope 

Nexusguard Network Protection offers a comprehensive solution to safeguard a CSP's own local network infrastructure and all registered IPv4 & IPv6 network address space from volumetric DDoS attacks, including but not limited to TCP, UDP and ICMP floods. 

The solution extends its protection to cover all registered network address spaces of clients, utilizing IP prefix length /24 currently registered with Nexusguard as well as the entirety of registered network address space belonging to downstream entities, utilizing IP prefix length /24, encompassing the IP prefixes currently registered under multi-homed clients with a distinct Autonomous System Number (ASN).

To streamline operations, Nexusguard Network Protection employs a systematic approach rather than creating custom-built comprehensive policies for each individual target or network connected to the CSP, leveraging flow data collection and analysis through on-premise Bastions servers to detect DDoS attacks.

In the event of an attack, Nexusguard Network Protection employs iBGP routing to divert the under attack IP prefix, effectively minimizing the impact. Clean traffic is then safely returned to the CSP's network via the on-premise Bastions server, guaranteeing uninterrupted service availability and network performance.

Figure 1 - Nexusguard Network Protection Solution

Key Benefits of Nexusguard Network Protection

Through the Nexusguard Network Protection solution, CSPs can enjoy the following key benefits:

  • Cost-Effective Switching to Cloud Protection
  • Enhanced Network Availability and Congestion Mitigation
  • Comprehensive Protection for Registered IP Prefixes
  • Optimized Network Quality of Local Backbone
  • Efficient Auto-Mitigation and SOC Offloading

By leveraging Nexusguard Network Protection, CSPs can significantly reduce operating costs associated with switching to cloud-based protection. The solution offers a seamless and efficient solution that eliminates the need for extensive investments in hardware and infrastructure, resulting in substantial cost savings.

Nexusguard Network Protection is designed to maximize network availability by preventing congestion caused by volumetric attacks. Through rapid identification and proficient mitigation of these attacks, the solution guarantees continuous accessibility and functionality of the backbone infrastructure. This proactive approach minimizes disruptions and ensures a seamless user experience, upholding the highest standards of operational excellence.

Nexusguard Network Protection provides comprehensive protection for registered IP prefixes, ensuring that all network assets and resources are safeguarded against a wide range of potential threats, bolstering the overall security posture of CSPs.

With Nexusguard Network Protection, there is no compromise in network quality within the local backbone. The solution is engineered to deliver optimal performance and reliability, preserving the integrity of network connections and ensuring that users enjoy uninterrupted service without any degradation in quality.

Nexusguard Network Protection automates the mitigation process, enabling efficient handling of security incidents, reducing the burden on Security Operations Centers (SOCs) by offloading the time-consuming task of manual mitigation. SOC teams can focus on strategic security initiatives, enhancing operational efficiency and effectiveness.

By adopting Nexusguard Network Protection, CSPs can unlock a multitude of benefits, encompassing cost savings during the transition to cloud protection, optimized network availability, comprehensive protection for IP prefixes, preserved network quality, and streamlined auto-mitigation capabilities. This collective advantage results in a fortified and cost-efficient network architecture, empowering CSPs to thrive in an increasingly demanding digital landscape.

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