March 6, 2024

Mitigating Threats to Client Name Servers with Nexusguard DNS Protection

Imagine this: you're casually surfing the internet, minding your own business, when suddenly, out of the blue, a malicious website appears. Your heart races as you realize that your sensitive data and personal information could be in jeopardy. Panic sets in as you frantically search for a solution to safeguard yourself and your company from these cyber threats.

That's where Nexusguard DNS Protection comes to the rescue – it acts as a shield, standing between you and the lurking dangers of the online world. In this article, we'll take a closer look at what DNS protection is, who needs it, how it works, and the types of attacks it helps prevent. 

What is Nexusguard DNS Protection?

Nexusguard DNS protection is a critical cybersecurity measure specifically crafted to bolster Name Servers against an array of threats and malicious attacks. Serving as the frontline defense, DNS protection plays a pivotal role in upholding the reliability and availability of communication within the vast digital realm of the Internet.

Who Needs Nexusguard DNS Protection?

In essence, every organization that interacts with the internet necessitates the embrace of DNS protection. Cybercriminals frequently exploit DNS vulnerabilities to execute phishing attacks, disseminate malware, orchestrate distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) assaults, and unleash an array of other cyber onslaughts. The risk is indiscriminate, affecting small, medium, and large enterprises alike, with a single successful attack capable of inflicting catastrophic consequences.

Moreover, businesses that place a premium on their brand image find themselves in dire need of DNS protection to preclude malicious actors from defacing their websites or redirecting visitors to malevolent domains. Such incidents possess the potential to tarnish a company's reputation overnight, underscoring the criticality of robust DNS protection measures.

Objectives of Nexusguard DNS Protection

The primary objectives of Nexusguard DNS Protection are twofold: to safeguard Name Servers from DDoS attacks, ensuring their continuous operation and fortified security; and to elevate the availability of services provided by name servers, delivering a dependable and seamless user experience.

This essential service is offered by either Nexusguard or a CSP (Communications Service Provider). The beneficiaries of this service can include the name server owner, the CSP utilizing the name server infrastructure, or even the DNS service provider responsible for managing the name server.

It is crucial to acknowledge that a fundamental requirement of Nexusguard DNS Protection is that the subscriber of the service assumes the responsibility of updating the DNS registrar. Additionally, it is expected that the subscriber will actively engage in proactive communication with the DNS zone owner to ensure the authorized name server records are promptly and accurately updated.

Operational Dynamics of Nexusguard DNS Protection

Nexusguard DNS Protection offers the provision of a dedicated IPv4 VIP for each registered name server, authorized by the DNS registrar, ensuring a secure and optimized platform for hosting DNS zones, delivering exceptional performance and reliability. By reinforcing the availability and trustworthiness of your DNS infrastructure, it effectively safeguards against unauthorized access and potential vulnerabilities.

Nexusguard DNS Protection employs advanced proprietary defense mechanisms to protect your name server against a multitude of attacks, including TCP-based, UDP-based, ICMP-based, Amplification, and DNS domain-based attacks, ensuring uninterrupted service availability. Through proactive detection and mitigation, we strengthen the overall security of your DNS infrastructure by swiftly identifying and neutralizing malicious activities that seek to compromise the functionality of your name server.

As an integral part of the service, clean traffic is meticulously restored using TCP/UDP proxy technology. This resilient approach guarantees that only authorized and verified traffic is directed to your name server, effectively mitigating the consequences of potential malicious requests and preserving the availability of your DNS infrastructure.

Deployment Framework for Nexusguard DNS Protection

Nexusguard DNS Protection operates in an "always-on" mode, delivering uninterrupted fortification for your DNS infrastructure. This means that the protection remains active at all times, providing a constant shield against potential threats. By keeping the protection in an "always-on" mode, any potential threats during the propagation period of DNS changes are proactively mitigated, guaranteeing a continuous state of security. This approach safeguards against vulnerabilities that may arise due to the time it takes for DNS updates to propagate across the internet, providing uninterrupted protection throughout the entire process.

Additionally, Nexusguard DNS Protection can be deployed in an ANYCAST mode. This mode allows for the distribution of DNS traffic across multiple points of presence (PoPs), enhancing the reliability and performance of the DNS infrastructure. 

The deployment of Nexusguard DNS Protection harnesses the power of cutting-edge detection and mitigation technologies developed in-house by Nexusguard. This cohesive suite of technologies collaborates seamlessly to detect and neutralize a broad range of attacks, safeguarding the security of the DNS infrastructure with sustained efficiency.

Furthermore, Nexusguard DNS Protection utilizes the robust cloud bandwidth provided by Nexusguard, ensuring that the DNS infrastructure can handle high volumes of traffic and maintain optimal performance even during peak usage periods.

Finally, the deployment of Nexusguard DNS Protection takes into account the network bandwidth of the CSP, guaranteeing the proficient management of incoming and outgoing traffic within the DNS infrastructure. 

Figure 1 - Nexusguard DNS Protection

Advantages and Benefits of Nexusguard DNS Protection

Nexusguard DNS Protection offers compelling advantages that maximize network and service availability for clients’ authorized name servers. Through Nexusguard DNS Protection, clients can ensure that their name servers operate at their peak potential, minimizing any disruptions or downtime that may adversely impact their users.

Registering as the authorized name server brings forth a notable advantage in the form of "always-on" protection. This means that once registered, the client's name server receives continuous protection against a wide range of cyber threats, including DDoS attacks. This dependable and uninterrupted safeguarding assures that the client's name server maintains its resilience and security, even when confronted with persistent and relentless cyber attacks. Moreover, even in the event of attacks targeting other components of the DNS infrastructure, the client's authorized name servers remain impervious, ensuring the continuity of service availability without any disruptions.

In sum, Nexusguard DNS Protection not only maximizes network and service availability for client's authorized name servers but also provides always-on protection from attacks on un-subscribed DNS zones. These advantages collectively contribute to a secure, reliable and seamless experience for DNS clients.

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