February 22, 2024

Fortify Network Access: Empowering ISP's Downstream Clients with Clean Pipe Protection

Delivering a Clean Pipe Service Powered by Nexusguard Technology

Powered by Nexusguard’s leading-edge technology, Internet Service Providers (ISPs) have unlocked the ability to provide their downstream clients with an exceptional enhancement in Internet access availability through the implementation of an exclusive Clean Pipe service. This offering not only delivers a remarkable value-add to bolster ISPs' reputation but also bestows upon them a distinct competitive edge in the dynamic market landscape.

The Clean Pipe service caters specifically to downstream clients who are connected directly to ISPs partnering with Nexusguard and have deployed Nexusguard Bastions. These clients prioritize seamless and secure connectivity, relying on the ISP's Internet access service to directly access their network resources. By subscribing to the Clean Pipe service, they gain access to an additional layer of protection, effectively reducing network congestion caused by the disruptive impact of volumetric DDoS attacks.

One of the primary objectives of the Clean Pipe service is to ensure that the subscribed Internet access service is maximized to its full potential, free from the burden of junk traffic. By effectively filtering out unnecessary and harmful data, it guarantees uninterrupted network availability and enables seamless utilization of resources. As a result, users can enjoy fast and reliable connectivity, unimpeded by malicious traffic that seeks to disrupt their online activities.

ISP Partner’s Clean Pipe Service Scope 

The Clean Pipe service safeguards both IPv4 and IPv6 network addresses of ISP’s direct connect downstream clients against all volumetric and protocol-based DDoS attacks, such as UDP, SMTP and SYN floods, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity.

Through the implementation of advanced flow data collection and analysis techniques, potential DDoS attacks are swiftly detected, allowing for immediate action. Local routing capabilities are then leveraged to divert the traffic of attacked IP prefixes to a dedicated local scrubbing engine. This strategic maneuver effectively mitigates DDoS attacks, preventing access network congestion and ensuring optimal performance for all users.

But that's not all. Once the threats have been neutralized, the Clean Pipe service returns the clean traffic through ISP local routing. This seamless process guarantees that clients experience uninterrupted access to their network resources, with no compromise on speed or reliability.

Prerequisites for Enabling Clean Pipe Service

To enable the effective implementation of the Clean Pipe service, the following conditions must be met:

  1. On-Premise Deployment of Bastions Servers: 
    Bastion servers need to be deployed on the premises of ISP partners. This strategic positioning ensures proximity to the network resources and facilitates optimal security coverage.
  2. Comprehensive Training for ISPs' SOC Teams: 
    The Security Operations Center (SOC) teams of the ISPs must undergo comprehensive training on the Bastions servers and associated services, equipping them with the necessary expertise to efficiently handle attacks and respond swiftly to emerging threats.

    Moreover, the Nexusguard Certified Security Associate (NCSA) and Nexusguard Certified Security Specialist (NCSS) courses offered by Nexusguard Academy are carefully crafted to meet industry standards and address the evolving challenges in the cybersecurity landscape. By completing these courses, individuals gain the knowledge and certifications necessary to advance their careers in the cybersecurity field and contribute effectively to protecting organizations from cyber threats.
  3. Direct Connectivity to ISP's Internet Access Service:
    It is essential to note that the Clean Pipe service is primarily designed for downstream clients who directly connect to the ISP's Internet access service. These clients rely on the ISP's infrastructure for their network connectivity, enabling them to leverage the benefits of the Clean Pipe service.

By fulfilling the aforementioned conditions, ISPs can provide their direct connect downstream clients with a robust security solution through their Clean Pipe service. This collaboration ensures the protection of network resources against evolving cyber threats, empowering both the ISPs and their clients to operate in a secure and resilient network environment, fostering seamless operations and peace of mind.

Figure 1 - ISP Partners’ Clean Pipe Service

The Advantages of Clean Pipe Service

Implementing the Clean Pipe service offers a range of noteworthy advantages, including:

  • Effective DDoS attack management with Nexusguard Bastions
  • Enhanced network availability and mitigating congestion
  • Ensuring data sovereignty and control
  • Providing a value-add to ISPs' Internet access services

One of the notable advantages of implementing the Clean Pipe service becomes apparent when confronted with the challenge of a DDoS attack, potentially causing far-reaching consequences to the other services provided by ISP partners. Without the crucial shield provided by Nexusguard Bastions, detecting the presence of an attack becomes an arduous challenge. This lack of effective measures can lead to unintended collateral damage that affects other clients adversely. However, by harnessing the powerful capabilities of Nexusguard Bastions, this risk is deftly managed. The cutting-edge features swiftly combat attacks, ensuring that no adverse effects spill over to other clients. This not only safeguards the network but also contributes to enhanced bandwidth management, resulting in a further optimization of the network's overall performance.

The Clean Pipe service goes beyond its primary security function, offering unparalleled benefits that revolve around maximizing network availability and mitigating congestion on downstream clients' Internet uplink caused by volumetric attacks. With the Clean Pipe service, downstream clients experience a significant boost in network performance and uninterrupted connectivity, assuring smooth and seamless operations even in the face of volumetric attacks. 

Downstream clients can also rest assured that their data sovereignty remains intact. The service guarantees that all data processing takes place on-premise, eliminating any concerns related to data sovereignty. Through the Clean Pipe service, clients retain full control over their data, as it never leaves the secure confines of their own infrastructure. This approach provides peace of mind and compliance with data regulations, ensuring that sensitive information remains within the client's jurisdiction.

Furthermore, the Clean Pipe service serves as a value-add to ISPs’ Internet access services. By offering this thorough defense solution, ISPs can differentiate themselves in the market, providing their downstream clients with an added layer of protection and guaranteeing a superior user experience. 

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