April 26, 2024

Delivering Comprehensive Managed Security Services with Nexusguard Bastions

Nexusguard Bastions represents the cutting-edge in fully managed solutions, enabling the seamless delivery of Nexusguard services to on-premises or edge locations. Specifically designed for Communications Service Providers (CSPs) grappling with the consequences of cyber attacks or aiming to enhance their product portfolio with advanced security capabilities, Nexusguard Bastions combines carrier-grade hardware with proprietary technology. This culmination of over 15 years of experience in combating cyber criminals ensures that CSPs can confidently fortify their infrastructure and protect their customers.

At Nexusguard, we place utmost importance on safeguarding and optimizing the infrastructures of our CSP partners. Our dedication is exemplified through the deployment of our robust Nexusguard Cloud, which serves as a cornerstone for delivering managed security services. Through the integration of our Bastions servers and strategically positioned Bastions PoPs (Points of Presence), our partner CSPs can now seamlessly extend the reach of our comprehensive security solutions to their customers locally. This includes the provision of Application Protection, Origin Protection, and DNS Protection, all tailored to cater to the specific requirements of businesses, regardless of their size or industry.

Seamless Integration and Beyond: Elevating Cybersecurity with Nexusguard Bastions 

Nexusguard Bastions stands out as a pinnacle of excellence, offering a range of unparalleled advantages that redefine the standards of cybersecurity. With Bastions, the benefits extend far beyond minimal financial investment, hardware considerations, and a user-friendly interface. Let's delve into some of the remarkable features that make Bastions an exceptional choice for CSPs seeking top-tier cybersecurity solutions.

Minimal Investment

First and foremost, Bastions represents a minimal investment in terms of both financial resources and time. While hardware costs are the only consideration, the true value lies in the comprehensive package that accompanies it. Development costs, extensive research, and leading-edge DDoS detection and mitigation technologies and tools are all included, ensuring CSP partners have access to the most advanced defense mechanisms without incurring additional expenses. This minimal investment approach allows partners to maximize their cybersecurity potential while keeping their budget under control.

Effortless Integration

Integration is another area where Bastions excels, offering unmatched ease and efficiency. With its seamless integration capabilities, Bastions effortlessly integrates with existing infrastructures, creating a harmonious ecosystem that enhances overall cybersecurity posture. This eliminates the complexities and challenges often associated with implementing new solutions, enabling CSP partners to quickly and seamlessly deploy Bastions and begin reaping the benefits without disruption.

User-friendly Portal

In addition to its integration prowess, Bastions also boasts a built-in Portal that serves as a centralized control hub. This user-friendly portal provides CSP partners with complete visibility and control over their cybersecurity measures. With its multitenancy capabilities, the Portal allows partners to create customer profiles on the fly, enabling them to efficiently manage and tailor their security offerings to individual clients. This granular level of control ensures that partners can deliver customized and effective protection while maintaining a streamlined and efficient operational workflow.

Multi-Tenant Capabilities

The multitenant capabilities of Bastions go beyond customer profiles, enabling our partners to create distinct environments for different tenants within their organization. This not only enhances security but also facilitates efficient resource allocation and management, providing a seamless experience for both administrators and end clients.

Empowering Partner CSPs to Deliver Enhanced DDoS Protection

When it comes to safeguarding against DDoS attacks, the efficiency of scrubbing capacity is paramount. Traditionally, relying on a single PoP for cleaning traffic poses limitations. However, with Nexusguard Cloud, a revolutionary solution emerges, enabling partner CSPs to offer managed security services that harness the collective might of Nexusguard's 10 PoPs, greatly amplifying scrubbing capacity.

By utilizing Nexusguard Cloud, Partner CSPs can deliver robust and comprehensive DDoS protection services to their customers. Unlike the constraints imposed by a single PoP, our innovative approach utilizes the collective strength of our 10 PoPs strategically located across the globe. This distributed network architecture ensures that attack traffic is efficiently directed to multiple scrubbing centers simultaneously, massively increasing the scrubbing capacity available. The advantages of this approach are manifold: 

Mitigation of Large-scale DDoS Attacks with Multiple PoPs

Firstly, it significantly enhances the ability to mitigate large-scale DDoS attacks, as the combined scrubbing power of multiple PoPs provides a powerful defense against even the most sophisticated threats, ensuring that CSP partner customers’ online assets remain protected and their businesses can operate smoothly without disruptions.

Geographical Load Balancing

Secondly, the geographically dispersed PoPs offer geographical load balancing, enabling efficient handling of traffic surges and ensuring optimal performance for end-users across various regions. By leveraging the Nexusguard Cloud's extensive network, Partner CSPs can guarantee high availability and seamless user experiences, regardless of geographic location.

Access to Expert DDoS Protection

Furthermore, through collaboration with Nexusguard, Partner CSPs gain access to our extensive expertise in DDoS protection and can leverage our ongoing research and development initiatives. Our team of cybersecurity professionals stay at the forefront of emerging threats, continuously developing and refining our solutions to combat the latest attack vectors. This ensures that our partners can provide their customers with the most up-to-date and effective protection available.

Figure 1 - Nexusguard Services
  • “Nexusguard Cloud” refers to all the Nexusguard owned PoPs, and does not involve any hardware from Customers.
  • “Bastions servers” purchased by Customers implies that both Bastions hardware and Bastions services are required to be purchased.
  • Nexusguard Extended Cloud refers to the Nexusguard Cloud + Partner PoP (Bastions PoP).

Strategic Defense Efficiency: Nexusguard Bastions and Cloud

Nexusguard Bastions offer a powerful defense mechanism that efficiently handles attacks of varying magnitudes. Smaller attacks are promptly and effectively addressed locally, leveraging our CSP partners’ local PoP infrastructure to eliminate network latency. In the case of larger-scale attacks, the risk is seamlessly diverted to the Nexusguard Cloud, ensuring minimal disruption to end clients' networks.

To combat smaller attacks, Bastions leverages the strength of our CSP partners’ local PoP infrastructure. This strategic approach enables us to swiftly identify and resolve these threats at the local level, guaranteeing optimal network performance and responsiveness. By taking decisive action in the immediate vicinity, any potential network latency concerns are eliminated, allowing end clients to maintain uninterrupted operations while effectively safeguarding their assets.

For larger-scale attacks that pose a higher level of risk, Bastions seamlessly harnesses the power of the Nexusguard Cloud. By diverting the impact of these attacks away from the targeted network, CSP partners mitigate the potential disruption to end clients' networks. Leveraging our resilient cloud infrastructure, CSP partners ensure that the brunt of these attacks is effectively absorbed and neutralized, providing robust protection for their clients' critical systems and preserving the continuity of their operations.

Through Bastions, the combined strength of local and cloud solutions ensures a comprehensive and efficient defense strategy. By implementing the appropriate solution for each attack scenario, CSP partners minimize the impact on end clients' networks and uphold the integrity of their operations. This seamless integration of local and cloud defenses underscores the commitment of Bastions to provide unrivaled protection and support in the face of evolving cyber threats.

The Advantages of Adopting Nexusguard Bastions

Amplified Cloud Scrubbing Capacity

With Nexusguard Bastions, partner CSPs now have the incredible opportunity to offer managed security services that harness the power of Nexusguard's Cloud and PoP mitigation capacity. This transformative partnership enables partners to deliver unparalleled DDoS protection to their customers, bolstering their defenses against the most potent cyber threats.

A Competitive Edge in the Market

With the combined capabilities of Bastions and Nexusguard Cloud, CSP partners can differentiate themselves in the market and meet the increasing demand for robust cybersecurity solutions. Whether it's enterprises, small businesses, or organizations of any size, our protection services are adaptable and scalable to meet the unique needs of each client.

Granular Visibility & Control

From the continuous analysis of traffic patterns to the deployment of proactive alerting mechanisms, Nexusguard Bastions empowers CSP partners with comprehensive protection against potential attacks. Seamlessly integrating intricate integrations, detection and mitigation tools, and an array of metrics and indicators, our sophisticated and unified Portal provides a holistic view of the cybersecurity posture within a single pane of glass, simplifying the monitoring and management of security measures.

Seamless Integration

The delivery of cybersecurity protection becomes seamless and effortless with Nexusguard Bastions. Gone are the days of lengthy implementation processes and complex setups. Our service model is designed to provide immediate delivery of ready-to-deploy solutions that cater to the unique requirements of end clients. 

Optimized Resource Utilization

In the quest for maximum efficiency and productivity, leveraging Bastions provides the key to unlocking unparalleled resource utilization. This dynamic approach ensures that every resource is utilized to its fullest, allowing CSP partners to extract the utmost value from their infrastructure. By entrusting Nexusguard with attack mitigation, partners can rest assured that their network remains secure while they concentrate on cultivating revenue streams and nurturing business expansion.  

Sensitive Data Protection

Bastions aligns with the evolving needs of businesses, providing a holistic solution that combines the benefits of local infrastructure and cloud-based protection. By partnering with Nexusguard, CSP partners can confidently address data residency requirements, maintain low latency access, and elevate their security posture to counter sophisticated cyber threats.

Partnering with Nexusguard opens up a world of opportunities for CSPs to expand their service offerings and provide their clients with the highest level of protection. From our powerful Bastions to our unrivaled service capability and comprehensive support, we are committed to empowering our partners to thrive in the ever-changing cybersecurity landscape.

Get Started with Nexusguard Bastions Today

In the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity, staying ahead of the curve is essential to protect your network from the growing threat of DDoS attacks. Are your current solutions still up to par? Take a moment to evaluate their effectiveness and consider the benefits of embracing Nexusguard Bastions.

Step 1: Assess Your Network's Size and Current Solution

Begin by conducting a thorough sizing assessment of your existing network infrastructure and the solutions you currently have in place. Determine if they are capable of withstanding the escalating scale and sophistication of modern DDoS attacks. Don't leave your network vulnerable to potential breaches.

Step 2: Ensure Adequacy in the Face of DDoS Growth

The DDoS landscape has witnessed significant growth in recent years. Is your current solution equipped to handle this continuing surge? Evaluate its efficacy and consider the advanced capabilities that Nexusguard Bastions bring to the table. Maintain a competitive edge with a robust and scalable defense mechanism.

Step 3: Evaluate Total Cost of Ownership

Beyond the initial capital expenditure, take a holistic view of the total cost of ownership (TCO) associated with your current solution. Consider factors such as technology refreshment costs, human resources, go-to-market strategies, and ongoing support expenses. Nexusguard Bastions offers a cost-effective approach with comprehensive support and a fully managed service, minimizing financial strain.

Step 4: Assess Your Service Portfolio

In today's fiercely competitive ICT landscape, it's crucial to evaluate your current service portfolio. Are you delivering cutting-edge offerings and meeting the essential requirements that are required today to complement connectivity products? Benchmark yourself against competitors, ensuring that your business remains at the forefront of innovation while delivering exceptional services to your customers.

Step 5: Embrace the Nexusguard Advantage

Make an informed decision and unlock the power of Nexusguard Bastions. Experience the peace of mind that comes with industry-leading DDoS protection, advanced threat intelligence, specialist 24/7 SOC support and a comprehensive suite of security services. Stay resilient, safeguard your network, and exceed customer expectations with Nexusguard's trusted solutions.

Don't wait for a devastating DDoS attack to disrupt your operations. Get started with Nexusguard Bastions today and fortify your network against the constantly evolving threats of tomorrow. For a more detailed understanding of Nexusguard's extensive range of security solutions, please refer to the following link or reach out to one of our experts via our contact form.

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