Solution Guide: A Winning Approach to Building an MSSP

Optimizing the MSP business model in today’s market requires a security solution that maximizes service revenues while reducing capital and operating expenditure. This is where Nexusguard’s Transformational Alliance Partner (TAP) program offers real advantages to help MSPs make that transition to MSSP (Managed Security Service Provider). In this Solution Guide, we will drill down on the key benefits that Nexusguard’s TAP program provides, including reduced total cost of ownership on technology, pre-productized services, go-to-market support, and operational readiness. 


1. Zero Capital Expenditure

For MSPs looking to become MSSPs, the beauty of partnering with Nexusguard is they can exchange this large, recurring capital expenditure required to onboard new tools with operational expenditure in the form of predictable and ongoing monthly costs. MSPs can also leverage Nexusguard’s SOC (Security Operations Centre) team to provide them with continuous 24x7x365 monitoring and coverage.


2. Return on investments on pre-productized managed services

Nexusguard’s fully productized services means that implementers of our TAP program can immedi- ately start offering a wide range of security services to their customers, providing value previously impossible and thus increasing the average revenue per unit per customer as well as company branding.

3. Go-to-market support

In order to help manage and optimize every step of our partners’ journey, we have incorporated an automated onboarding process through the Nexusguard Partner Connect Portal that includes training materials, sales resources, eDM kits, as well as videos about our products & solutions.

4. Support, processes, operational readiness

Operational readiness involves fusing people, processes, and the right technologies so that they can act in synchronicity and dedicate themselves to dealing with cybersecurity incidents, detecting, investigating, prioritizing and mitigating them as they arise. This is something that Nexusguard excels at.



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