DDoS Threat Report 2016 Q2

With an 83% increase in attacks over the previous quarter, Q2 2016 has been rather active. For starters, there was an all-out, relentless two-day assault on a Russian telecom targeting 51,630 IPs on the Starlink network (note the big spike in the diagram below). The information we currently have allows us to only speculate on the root cause. But we note that the attack took place at about the same time that Ukrainian hacktivists were seen bragging to the media about hacking into Russian video feeds and identifying Russian soldiers in eastern Ukraine. There’s plenty of data to back up this observation. The victims of the Starlink attack have been identified as various organizations inside of Russia, including an energy products company, a bank, a medical device manufacturer, a clinic, and the internal communications services of the Starlink network itself.

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