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Telin and Nexusguard Join Forces to Attack Cyber Threats

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April 19, 2022
JAKARTA, April 19, 2022 -- Telin today announced its collaboration with Nexusguard, a leading DDoS cybersecurity solution provider, to offer integrated Telin’s Internet Security Solution. Telin offers an extended range of protection solutions that is able to flexibly meet your needs, starting from Network Security, Application Security, Domain Name Server (DNS) security all the way to Security Assessment and Measurement.
Asia now faces the greatest amount of cyberattacks globally, according to the The X-force Threat Intelligence Report 2022 from IBM. Organizations are facing sophisticated attacks on deeply embedded vulnerabilities, ranging from ransomware to DDoS to other types of attacks such as bots, defacement and more.

In collaboration with Nexusguard, Telin presents a comprehensive product portfolio now combines the features and benefits of private cloud and global cloud protection against various attacks.
The collaboration with Nexusguard enables Telin’s customers to experience security services such as application protection and network protection solution, Telin offers comprehensive protection and 24/7 cybersecurity support to keep you safe.
“Cybersecurity preparedness has become very important to ensure uninterrupted technology service and business operations. Despite the increased focus on security, we still see that the misconceptions about cybersecurity all too often prevents appropriate approach and risk reduction around cybersecurity.” said Chief Commercial Officer of Telin, Kharisma.

He continued, “Telin can support you to set up and monitor comprehensive protection to stop DDoS, user data and credential theft. This is especially sensitive for high value information.”
“Given that the current landscape of increased internet dependence is driven by the pandemic and directly affects the vulnerability of the Internet network, there has never been a more crucial and appropriate time for service providers and enterprises to look into rolling out pre-emptive anti-DDoS measures. We look forward to working hand in hand with Telin to deliver a cost effective DDoS detection and mitigation solution to every segment of Telin’s customers.” said Theresa Lim, Channel Director of Nexusguard.

Telin is proud to strengthen its collaboration with Nexusguard as part of Telin’s development into Asia’s leading digital infrastructure & platform partner, in line with Telin’s commitment to accelerate the digital transformation of the Indo-Pacific region.