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Nexusguard wins customer service excellence award for fifth consecutive year

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July 31, 2017
DDoS security leader recognized by Asia Pacific Customer Service Consortium for superior service leadership.

Nexusguard, the worldwide leader in distributed denial of service (DDoS) security solutions, today announced the company was honored by the Asia Pacific Customer Service Consortium (APCSC) with the International Customer Service Quality Standard (CSQS) site certificate for the fifth year in a row. Developed jointly with the University of Hong Kong, the CSQS is the highest global award for excellence in CRM, customer service, and contact center and support services. The certification recognizes Nexusguard’s dedication to customer service and commitment to best practices for serving internal and external stakeholders. 

The recognition follows Nexusguard’s newest Q1 2017 Threat Report, which predicts that hackers will continue to use DDoS attacks at erratic intervals throughout the year, and for longer durations in attempts to overwhelm organizations using multiple vectors. As attackers enlist the connected networks of the Internet of Things (IoT) for near-limitless botnet volumes, organizations need multi-layered defenses, actionable insights and knowledgeable support to deftly counter these fire drills. Nexusguard prepares customers for high-stakes cyberattack situations and delivers peace of mind through technology innovation and highly customized services, backed by updated and timely data from its team of analysts and researchers.

“The certified CSQS leaders have uplifted their service leadership in innovation, customer experience management, employee engagement, and process improvement integration efforts through the Certificate in Customer Service Management (CCSM) program and CSQS improvement projects,” said Jason Chu, Chairman of the APCSC. “They not only have created excellent ROIs in their portfolios and investments in people, customers and corporate brand, but also have set new industry benchmark in Asia Pacific.”

Vanessa Chen, chief strategy officer of Nexusguard said, “For the fifth year in a row, the CSQS Award recognition is a testimony of Nexusguard's service philosophy to provide customers with caring, attentive and very personable services. To accommodate our regional growth, we continue to focus on talent attraction and recruitment strategies to strengthen our customer service and development. We are also expanding and perfecting our service offerings across the 360° Cybersecurity Platform to ensure the 24/7 uptime of our customers with customized solutions and expertise.”

The CSQS award assesses companies based on achievements in intention, implementation and integration. Nexusguard is strongly dedicated to customer service excellency, equipped with highly skilled security professionals to deliver 24/7 support, and also backed by a top-notch service management team to provide professional solutions and support. The award not only measures achievement in these areas, but also benchmarks companies with the industry and how well they have adopted customer service knowledge management in order for frontline staff to provide the best possible customer experience.