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Nexusguard named "Most Innovative DDoS Protection Solutions of the Year 2023"

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July 5, 2023

Hong Kong, July 6, 2023 - Nexusguard, a leading provider of DDoS protection solutions, has been named "Most Innovative DDoS Protection Solutions of the Year'' by BUSINESS INNOVATOR. The award recognizes Nexusguard's continued commitment to innovation and excellence in providing cutting-edge solutions to protect against the growing threat of DDoS attacks.

"We are thrilled to receive this award and be recognized for our innovative approach to DDoS protection," said Andy Ng, CEO of Nexusguard. "This award is a testament to our team's hard work and dedication to staying ahead of the curve in the constantly evolving landscape of cybersecurity."

Nexusguard has been at the forefront of DDoS protection for over a decade, providing innovative solutions to businesses of all sizes. The company's state-of-the-art technology is designed to protect against even the most sophisticated attacks, ensuring that customers can confidently operate their businesses online.

In addition to this award, Nexusguard is also proud to announce the launch of its new DDoS mitigation center in Sao Paulo, Brazil, in July 2023. The new center will enable Nexusguard to further expand its global footprint and better serve its customers in the Latin America region.

"Our new DDoS mitigation center in Sao Paulo will help local network operators and enterprises protect their network, DNS, and applications from cyber threats," said Ng. "We are committed to delivering the best possible service to our customers around the world, and this new center is a testament to that commitment."

With this latest recognition and the launch of its new mitigation center, Nexusguard is well-positioned to continue leading the way in DDoS protection solutions and helping businesses stay secure in an increasingly digital world by simplifying cybersecurity operations while maximizing the effectiveness of DDoS protection.

About Nexusguard

Founded in 2008, Nexusguard is a leading distributed denial of service (DDoS) security solution provider fighting malicious internet attacks. Nexusguard ensures uninterrupted internet service, visibility, optimization and performance. Nexusguard is focused on developing and providing the best cybersecurity solution for every client across a range of industries with specific business and technical requirements. Nexusguard also enables communications service providers to deliver DDoS protection solutions as a service. Nexusguard delivers on its promise to provide you with peace of mind by countering threats and ensuring maximum uptime. Visit for more information.


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