Payment Methods

Payment Methods (Hong Kong)

Select payment option below to commence or renew your service with Nexusguard.

Your sensitive information is of utmost importance to us. Credit card and PayPal transactions are encrypted and will go through extended verification to prevent fraud.

• PayPal

The following payment methods are processed immediately upon receipt and are not subject to extended verification:

• Wire transfer

• Check or money order


Initiating One-Time Payments

Making one-time payments on PayPal is simple. First, send your payment manually from your PayPal account to Then notify with your transaction ID.

Wire Transfer

Please contact your account representative for payment details.

Check or Money Order

Please mail the check or money order and include a copy of the invoice.

Nexusguard Limited.

1/F, 33-35 Hillier Street,

Sheung Wan

Hong Kong

Allow up to 7 business days for your check to be posted.