Cybersecurity solutions firm Nexusguard builds ‘center of excellence’ in PH

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March 22, 2022

Singapore-based cybersecurity company Nexusguard is bringing its expertise to the Philippines by building a Center of Excellence in Equinox Training Center in Sta. Teresita Batangas. The facility has accreditation from the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (Tesda).

The center aims to enhance the learning capacity of Filipinos on cybersecurity.

Established on the foundation of Nexusguard Academy, the center will offer Nexusguard’s Cybersecurity Specialist Program. The program was launched for beginners which contains a defense-in-depth program providing a methodological approach in learning skills in securing web applications, incident response, and understanding security controls which are relevant to the cybersecurity attacks that happened during the pandemic.

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“This will bring world-class cybersecurity education in Batangas which we hope to be expanded to other Universities in Batangas in the upcoming months,” said Prudencio “Dacio” Guttierez, former mayor of Padre Garcia.

From the initial mission of helping CSPs, Nexusguard’s vision has expanded to also help individuals affected by the pandemic, by assisting career shifters to be immersed in the field of cybersecurity. They leverage their practitioners to be the mentors in this highly industry-relevant and workplace-centric learning for their learners.
Cyberattacks during the pandemic

According to the Nexusguard Annual Threat Report Q3 for 2021, cyber attackers targeted industries providing connectivity, services, and entertainment to populations forced to shelter-in-place during the pandemic. It resulted in a 341% year-over-year increase in distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks.

“This highlights the need to increase vigilance on cyberattacks and it starts with enhancing the learning capacity of Filipinos on cybersecurity,” the company said.
“Nexusguard Academy was established to offer cybersecurity courses, where the program helps to enable CSP to become cybersecurity managed providers and helps individuals to be trained by their practitioners who have years of experience in the front lines,” said Ruben Mondejar, program director, Nexusguard Academy.

Mondejar also noted that Nexusguard Academy, which was founded in 2008, will start offering coding courses for children this year.

“With the popularity of online gaming platforms, this is the best time to get the kids to learn and have fun while learning,” Mondejar said. “With high hopes, they look forward to developing the next generation of experts in our country to defend our Philippine Cyberspace.”