21st Century Technologies, Nexusguard Build DDoS Scrubbing Centre In Nigeria

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December 20, 2023

In historical manner, 21st Century Technologies Limited, ICT powerhouse in Nigeria, has tapped Nexusguard, a leading DDoS security solution provider, to build a DDoS scrubbing center in Nigeria.

This is to provide DDoS mitigation service to enterprise and government customers in Africa.

21st Century builds digital infrastructure including most advanced global digital security point of present in Nigeria, Tier 4 data centre, academy, software development centre to help esteem customers, partners and government in Africa to deploy necessary innovation solutions to remain secure, competitive, lead and win in the era of digital transformation and engagement.
“We opted to partner with Nexusguard because of their global reach and robustness of their platform. They have helped many companies and governments globally defend against cyberattack. Nexusguard is consistently recognised by analysts such as Gartner and Forrester as a market leader,” said Wale Ajisebutu, CEO of 21st Century Technologies.

“Customers choose to take advantage of our new compelling cybersecurity solution will surely capture enormous opportunities for unlimited growth.”

With DDoS risk increasing worldwide, service providers are updating their capabilities to provide not only bandwidth and subscriptions, but also cybersecurity.

That transformation, known as Telco 5.0, demands the methodology and mechanics to shift platforms, people and processes to provide optimal security.

Nexusguard fulfills that need with its global scrubbing cloud. Paired with 21st Century Technologies’s local capacity, the companies will provide a seamless “global+local” scrubbing network that detects and mitigates both international and local DDoS attacks, simultaneously.

“Communications service providers (CSP) have a new opportunity to help create a global DDoS defense network to protect internet users,” said Andy Ng, Nexusguard CEO.

“Our partnership with 21st Century Technologies in Nigeria, as with other Telco 5.0 providers around the globe , are critical to not only helping enterprises fortify themselves against future attacks but also to telcos transforming their business.”