SiGMA Asia 2024

2 - 5 June 2024 | SMX Convention Center, Manila, Philippines

DDoS Protection Made Simple for Gamers

Gamers have zero tolerance for lags and jitters, not to mention downtime—the worst nightmare ever. But even a small, stealthy DDoS attack, which easily goes undetected, can cause noticeable latency and drive the players away. That said, Nexusguard has a solution for gaming service hosting providers to prevent these from happening.


Streamlined Protection Across Layers 3-7

Cost-Effective Global Terabit Scrubbing

Built-in Multi-Tenancy


Two Simplified Managed DDoS Protection Offerings for Gamers to meet your needs and budget


  • 24x7 Monitoring
  • Custom Profiles.
  • Auto Diversion
  • Unlimited Attacks
  • Full or Co-Managed
  • BGP Peering
  • GRE Tunnel / Direct

True Hybrid

  • On-Premise Appliance
  • Host Level Diversion
  • Global Profile Sync
  • Data Sovereignty
  • Lowest Latency

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