August 30, 2022

Nexusguard Edge Protection diverts attack risk to Cloud reducing demand for large mitigation bandwidth from Communications Service Providers

A combination of on-premise and cloud protection is now a very typical offering. On-premise companies either acquire or partner with cloud providers to put together a "hybrid" solution, but in reality they are two separate solutions sold as one product. This results in a disjointed user experience stemming from the service being delivered by two different teams, different dashboards and reporting mechanisms, and different escalation processes. Nexusguard’s Edge Protection is set to change this by delivering a truly integrated and unified user experience, while providing an instantaneous increase to our customer’s local mitigation capacity using Nexusguard Cloud.


Figure 1 - Nexusguard Edge Protection R1Figure 1 - Nexusguard Edge Protection


Nexusguard Edge Protection


To address instances where large volumes of attack traffic congest the uplink Internet connection of partner CSPs, Nexusguard’s Edge Protection service leverages Nexusguard’s globally distributed scrubbing cloud to scale up protection of not only the partner CSP’s infrastructure, but also Nexusguard’s Bastions servers from being crippled by attacks that might overwhelm the CSP’s capacity.

As soon as an attack threatens to saturate the local CSP scrubbing capacity, Nexusguard’s Edge Protection is set in motion, tasked with protecting the uplink of partner CSPs. Scrubbing takes place at the Nexusguard scrubbing cloud, terminating attacks close to their source instantly, while clean traffic is returned to the destination network via a GRE tunnel through the local Bastions deployment.

From continuous analysis of traffic, through to alerting you to possible attack and then receiving your redirected traffic, scrubbing it and returning clean traffic to you, Nexusguard’s Edge Protection provides a unified user experience through an integrated dashboard to defend against and mitigate all types of cyber attacks.

Nexusguard Integrated Dashboard

Figure 2 - Nexusguard Integrated Dashboard



Salient Features and Solution Benefits


  • • Provides an immediate increase in mitigation capacity to Bastions PoP from Nexusguard Cloud
  • Reduces demand for large mitigation bandwidth from CSPs
  • Implements Cloud Diversion App to facilitate and automate traffic diversion
  • Diverts attack risk to Cloud
  • Edge Protection portal improves transparency of attack event status


Be it protecting your network infrastructure from DDoS attacks coming at you from all corners of the globe, or augmenting the local protection afforded by Nexusguard Bastions services to deliver a truly comprehensive user experience to your customers, Nexusguard’s Edge Protection service is the first and only service in the market that achieves all of the above, and more, by bringing together complex integrations, detection and mitigation tools, and visual representations of multiple metrics, indicators and status to create a holistic view of your cybersecurity posture in a single pane of glass. Contact us to learn more.





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