February 21, 2018

In New Cyber Attack Trend, DDoS Attacks Now Last Longer

infographic0208-OK-1.pngOf all DDoS attacks we tracked last year, the longest attack, captured in the fourth quarter, was active for 177 hours and 53 minutes. Not only was the duration notable, but the largest one that occurred in the first quarter also reached an astonishing size of 275.77 Gbps.



Meanwhile, perpetrators are also inclined more towards the deployment of multivector attacks. In fact, blending multivector approaches into APT attacks are being used as a cover to engage into something more evil and lethal.


To be more, precise, more than 76 % of attacks tracked last year targeted more than one vector. The most complex one targeted as many as 13 vectors.


NTP-based Attacks Soared Fourfold Last Year


Among many different types of volumetric attacks, NTP-based attacks, a subtype of UDP-based floods, witnessed a fourfold escalation as compared to the previous year, according to our research findings.


Standing in 2018, the drastic rise in UDP-based assaults also confirms our early prediction of volumetric attacks would dominating the DDoS attack landscape in 2017.


From the attacker’s perspective, UDP flood is cheap and easy to generate. Therefore, it has become one of the most popular cocktail ingredients of multivector attacks, which made up more than 12 percent of all similar attacks analyzed.


Though DDoS attacks now last longer and are more destructive, the best defense, as always, boils down to preparation and vigilance. That’s why you need to have a set of proactive DDoS defense strategies at hand. Nexusguard has everything for you to keep your websites and networks up and running 24x7.

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