May 15, 2023

Connecting Your Network to the World: The Fastest Route to Global Peering

Cogent’s Global Peer Exchange (GPE) is a revolutionary platform for worldwide connectivity and Internet traffic exchange. Functioning similarly to an Internet Exchange Point (IXP), GPE offers greater global reach, flexibility, and radical pricing. By connecting to GPE, any network can establish dedicated VLAN connections with other GPE participants, utilizing the platform for discovering and connecting with peering partners. Accessible globally in virtually all renowned data centers, speeds of 10Gbps and above are typically achieved through a Global Peer Connect (GPC) port.   

With a GPC port, networks can gain access to Cogent’s Global Peer Exchange, consisting of 1,257 carrier neutral data centers and 54 Cogent data centers across 6 continents. 

GPC offers burstable 10GE ports with no long-term commitments or bandwidth requirements, while link aggregation groups (LAGs) are available for those needing additional capacity.


Clean Traffic Delivery to Nexusguard Origin Protection Clients via Cogent GPE

How it Works

Nexusguard is typically present at carrier-neutral data centers where multiple providers interconnect. If our customers are not present at the same data center or local exchange points, options for direct connectivity are often limited and expensive, such as an IPLC (International Private Leased Circuit). Some customers may opt for overlay tunneling instead, but performance can suffer from issues like packet loss and latency fluctuations, common issues inherent in GRE tunneling. 

Cogent’s GPE is not a dedicated private line between locations. Rather, connectivity is enabled through Cogent's Ethernet over MPLS backbone, the same technology underlying Cogent's VPLS intersite connectivity.

The GPE offers an alternative to overlay tunnels, addressing issues like MTU fragmentation that can impact traffic. Networks can connect with each other via the GPE even if they do not share a data center or geographic presence with Nexusguard. The only requirement is a GPC port in each location and a cross-connect to the GPE. 

Figure 1 - Delivery of Clean Traffic to Nexusguard Origin Protection Clients via Cogent GPE

Figure 1 - Delivery of Clean Traffic to Nexusguard Origin Protection Clients via Cogent GPE 

How to Get Started

Customers can find us in the Participants Menu and click "Send Request" under Connection Request on the GPE portal. Nexusguard will receive the connection request via email and team up with the customer to provision their selected VLAN IDs.


Solution Benefits

  1. 1. Access Major Internet Exchanges with a Trusted Partner

    Leverages Nexusguard’s long-standing relationships with some of the world’s largest IXs.

  2. 2. Streamline Content Delivery for Improved Efficiency

  3. Remote Peering uses Ethernet connectivity delivered over Nexusguard’s network, ensuring low latency and guaranteed throughput that supports you and your business with greater reliability.

  4. 3. Shift Focus from Physical to Digital Infrastructure

    Allows entry to new markets and peering with local service providers without the need to deploy physical hardware or invest in your own infrastructure through Nexusguard’s global network, extending your reach into new regions efficiently.

  5. 4. Rapid Direct Network Peering with Short Lead Times

  6. Customers can quickly establish direct peering connections with other networks, reducing the need for multiple hops through intermediate networks and improving overall network efficiency.

Nexusguard’s Origin Protection guards against threats that target network resources. Learn more. Origin Protection.  

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