Simplifying DDoS Protection forCommunications Service Providers

The telecom sector is going through a significant shift, moving from its traditional role as a data carrier to becoming a technology enabler. An essential aspect of this transformation is the ability to protect networks from DDoS attacks. To address this issue, Nexusguard offers its latest solution, Nexusguard Bastions. This fully managed service provides Nexusguard services to on-premises or edge locations, ensuring a seamless hybrid experience. Specifically designed for Internet Service Providers grappling with the impact of cyber attacks, Nexusguard Bastions utilizes carrier-grade hardware and proprietary technology, developed over a decade of battling cybercrime.


Streamlined Protection Across Layers 3-7

Cost-Effective Global Terabit Scrubbing

Built-in Multi-Tenancy

Two Simplified Managed DDoS Protection Offerings
for Telcos to meet your needs and budget


  • 24x7 Monitoring
  • Custom Profiles
  • Auto Diversion
  • Unlimited Attacks
  • Full or Co-Managed
  • BGP Peering
  • GRE Tunnel / Direct

True Hybrid

  • On-Premise Appliance
  • Host Level Diversion
  • Global Profile Sync
  • Data Sovereignty
  • Lowest Latency

Cloud Resale and Integrated Partner Programs
for Telcos looking to sell Managed DDoS Services

Cloud Partner

  • DDoS / WAF / DNS
  • Website Protection
  • Lowest Investment
  • 15 Days to Deploy
  • No Hardware
  • White Label
  • Multi-Tenant Portal

True Hybrid

  • Clean Pipe
  • Application Protection
  • DDoS / WAF / DNS
  • 90 Days to Deploy
  • Dell Server On-Site
  • Training / Certification

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